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Whose Life Is It Anyway?

April 23, 2016


“Welcome to the 74th annual Whose Life Is It Anyway; where everything is made up and the points mean your life! As always, I’m your host Caesar Flickerman!”

“Our contestants today are Rising Stars from District 12, Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark!”
The multi-coloured crowd went wild at the introduction of Panem’s hottest couple.

“And just a few doors down, Rue and Thresh of District 11.”
The applause was just as rowdy for these two – the capitol loved a good gameshow. Contestants were replaceable (and they were replaced, every year bar one victorious comedian), but the sanctity of ABC Family’s improvisational masterpiece caused even the most solemn of citizens to let loose.

Caesar hit the buzzer, prompting the crowd to settle and the excitement to rise.

“First up today we’re gonna play Press Conference. This is the game where Katniss will be interviewed and Peeta, Rue and Thresh will play reporters – BUT – Katniss does not know who she is. However, everyone else does and she has to guess who she is based on the questions she is asked.”

As Katniss stood behind the podium, the screen above her displayed the words ‘President Snow dyed his hair red.’ The crowd was in hysterics – and the other contestants we’re able to forget about their 1 in 4 chance of dying at the imagery of their president with a fiery ‘do.

“Jim Phillips, District 5 news!” came the first quip, straight out of Peeta. “What was wrong with white?”

“Well, Jim, I think white’s been in the spotlight too long; after so many years of doing what I was doing, you have to spice things up, y’know? I’m human too!” Katniss said, in a quizzical tone, unconfident in her answer.

Rue piped up next “Yes, Jiminy Crickets from Capitol HQ. Is this how it was when you were younger?” Caesar’s laughter spilled, unable to be stifled.

“Uh, no. This is all new.”

“Hi I’m Rocky Road, Channel 9 District 9!” The next question would come from Thresh. “There have been rumours that you’ve done this out of envy for The Girl On Fire; at such a late stage in the games, is this true?”

“Well, I have to say Ms Everdeen wasn’t the first to experiment with red.” The crowd cheered, letting Katniss know she was on the right track.

Before Peeta could get in his next question, it was back to Rue. “Did you do it yourself or was there a professional involved?”

“Bit of both actually, little known fact – I did study hairdressing for a short stint before college.” Clapping erupted, she was getting close.

Peeta dived in, ready to attack. “What was the weather like when you did it? Raining? Sunshine? Snowing?”, placing strong emphasis on the latter phrase.

“Snow? I made it illegal, there’s only room for one of us around here.” Applause was wild, and Caesar hit the buzzer in between every laugh he choked out.

“She’s got it, folks! Who are you?”

“President Snow dyed his hair red?”

A final eruption of laughter filled the room, as Katniss sheepishly stepped down from her podium and took a bow.

The host tried his best to regain control of the room. “We’ll be back right after the break, if Snow doesn’t shut us down!”


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