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THROWBACK TO WHEN I ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED (attempting to reshowcase old pieces of mine, please enjoy!)

Originally: Not one of my finest piece, but it'll do

(drew this bad boy out of my writing junk drawer--remember it?)

king size cookies 'n cream hershey bar

July 10, 2020


Daralynn was my first crush. She had pale blonde hair that looked almost white, and abnormally pale skin that almost seemed to glow. Her nose was petite but pointed, and her eyes were a dark blue. 
But I was a fat third grader who lived on cookies 'n cream Hershey bars, so I never thought I had a chance. I never talked to her. Until one day, she came to me.
"Hi," She smiled, showing perfectly white teeth.
My fat hands trembled.
"I'm Daralynn, but call me Dara."
Remaining silent, I nodded.
"What are you eating?" She asked, pointing to my king size cookies 'n cream Hershey bar.
Quickly, I held it out to her.
"No thank you."
Stunned by her rejection of something I cherished, I couldn't help but speak.
"Cause saying 'no' would make you talk," She shrugged, eyeing me.
Dropping my jaw, I smushed the candy between my fingers.
Suddenly, she burst out laughing.

Eighth grade we shared our first kiss.
As we stood under the bleachers, during halftime of the middle school's football game, Dara leaned closer. The scent of vanilla wrapped around us. I was the school's best wide receiver, but instead of talking to the team and coach, I stood inches from Dara. I was done suffering through being her best friend.
"Dara," I breathed, looking down at my hands.
"Peter?" She replied innocently, twirling a finger through her hair.
Finally, I closed the distance between us.

At the end of tenth grade, Dara grabbed my hand and pulled me into her favorite resturant where we had our first date. For the past two years, we had small stolen moments where we kissed and held hands. Our parents thought us too young to be together, so they chaperoned us everywhere.
Rubbing my eye, I tried not to allow the fact my contact fell out ruin our first date.
As if sensing the problem, Dara placed her purse on the table and started searching for something. Seconds later my thin-rimmed, perfectly circled glasses materialized. Grinning, she slid them forward.
"Thanks," I mumbled.
"You look cuter with them."
"Not really."
"Perhaps this will cheer you up?" Suddenly, a king-size cookies 'n cream chocolate bar appeared in her hand.
"You know I gave up candy the same time I quit football." Running a hand through my hair, I hoped none of my friends were here to see me with glasses.
"Just this once?" She squeaked, taking a small bite.

Two weeks before graduation we broke up. I was going to join the U.S Army in less than two months and Dara got accepted into Cornell with a full ride for engineering. Our lives were going in two different directions, a relationship would be nearly impossible.
The night we broke up, ended up being our anniversary. It was one of the hardest nights of my life.
"Can't we figure something out?" Dara cried, placing her hand in mine. "I love you."
Slowly, I pulled away.
"You need to go to Cornell. I need this. Maybe when we're older."
"I don't want to wait that long for us. For you."
"Then don't," I choked out, stepping back so she couldn't see the tears.

Coincidentally we visited our home town at the same time six years later. That Christmas break we forgot about the reason for our break up, ignored the fact we had lives outside this town and shrugged off the other relationships we were already in.
That month, we were together again.
"Want a piece?" I smirk, pulling out a King-sized cookies 'n cream Hershey bar out of my hoodie pocket.
Laughing, Dara pulled one out too.
"It was going to be a gift, for old times sake."

Forty-seven. That's how old I was when I heard about her again. Christmas break we parted with the same awful breakup, and never spoke to each other again. I ended up marrying my college sweetheart, and I always figured Dara did the same. I never ate another cookies 'n cream Hershey bar again. I didn't even let my kids eat them. Every time I saw one all I could do was think of her.
"Peter, honey," My wife, called from the kitchen.
"What?" I huffed, flipping through channels on tv.
"Can you come here please?"
"For crying out loud, Steph! What do you need?" Getting up, I stomped to the kitchen, grumbling under my breath.
Handing out the phone to me, Stephine mouthed the words 'for you' before dashing out.
"Listen, whoever this is-I don't take business calls on my home ph-"
"Mr. Peter Glenn, this is about your friend Daralynn Nomy."
It seemed all the air was sucked out of my lungs, and my mouth went dry.
"What happened?" My voice cracked.
"There's been an accident."

Stephine stayed home with the kids. I made it back to my hometown in less than twenty-four hours. My mother waited at the airport with me, but I could barely meet her eyes.
The service was the next day, and upon request in Dara's will, everyone wore dark blue The same color that matched her eyes.
No one spoke to me and I spoke to no one. Only once did I make eye contact with someone and it was Dara's boyfriend. And it was upon further investigation did I realize they had been together for over ten years. He had proposed numerous times, but she always said no. Claimed she didn't want marriage.
But I knew better. When we were in high school, as she talked about was her white wedding.
Turning around, I found myself facing a young man, with dark blue eyes like Dara. Instantly, I knew who he was.
"You look so much like her," I breathed, restraining myself from touching his face. Their features were uncanny.
"She said I looked more like my Father," The man shrugged, holding out his hand. "I'm Henry."
"Peter Glenn, I was a friend of your Mom's," I say, shaking his hand. "And you look nothing like that clueless loser over there."
Laughing, Henry drew back.
"He's not my Father. Besides, I never liked him. Maybe this will clear things up."
Slowly, Henry pulled something out of his pocket.
"My full name is Henry Peter Glenn Nomy," He said, holding out a candy bar to me. "My Mom, Daralynn, told me to give this to you."
It was a king-sized cookies 'n cream Hershey bar.


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  • Wisp

    my heart hurts, my tears are streaking, and now I have to reconsider everything. Your love stories always break me and I just love the pain apparently since I keep coming back for more. And that ending, so heartbreaking and that’s his son right??? My mind was blown at that and the descriptions here are just lovely. I loved the tie in with the cookies n cream Hershey bar throughout the whole piece, especially the fact that he avoided them when he got older because hey reminded him of her. And the fact his son gave it to him at the end really broke my heart to no end. Now excuse me as I break my heart over and over again with more of your beautifully catastrophic pieces.

    9 days ago
  • And_The_Stars_Laughed

    I love this, it was so sweet! The ending is perfect too, it really makes everything round-out in a "full-circle" sense! So good! :)

    6 months ago
  • The One Who Searches for Words


    That was my mind exploding. Now there are bits of cerebellum all over the couch.

    12 months ago
  • Charisse Marison

    OMG! This was so good! You have a natural gift for writing! I love how Dara and peter's relationship wavered throughout the story, but they always remain friends. It's so sweet and sad I don't know how to feel. Dara seemed to have loved him all along :). This is sad, sweet, beautifully written, and overall amazing!

    about 1 year ago
  • Dmoral

    thank you!

    about 1 year ago
  • HermioneGranger67

    This is an incredible piece! It felt very real and I loved the recurring Hershey’s bar. This is an amazing story!

    about 1 year ago
  • Dmoral

    I haven't done a second one yet, I was going to ask about your preference. I'll totally do that piece! (Besides, even I already started one, I would've done that piece too anyway! No worries). I'll get on it asap

    Of course. I mean every word of it :)

    about 1 year ago
  • jaii

    oh guess you didn't start then. awesome. then yeah i'd love a review on "what's a mortal among gods". i'll start reviewing your pieces as soon as i can

    about 1 year ago
  • WitchyKittyKat

    thats... so... cute.... Even if you don't think it's super good, I loved it! also thanks so much for the comment on my piece

    about 1 year ago
  • jaii

    ok great ill do that one. have you started reviewing a second piece of mine. if not, i'd prefer a review on "what's a mortal among gods". but if you've already started on another piece then don't worry about it

    about 1 year ago
  • Dmoral

    No, not really. Perhaps 'At last, she burned into rebirth"? It's the only one I can really think of. So whatever screams to you the most I guess!

    about 1 year ago
  • jaii

    i couldn't decide whether to smile or get sad about the ending so i did both and it looks weird lol.
    btw, do you have a preference for which pieces of yours you want me to review?

    about 1 year ago
  • Ellabellabluebell

    Gorgeous piece - I love it ! :)

    about 1 year ago
  • KiwiCat ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ


    about 1 year ago
  • New York_dreamer

    HOLYYYYY WHOAAAA this is incredible! You truly have a gift. Dude. This is beautiful!

    about 1 year ago
  • thelumosduck


    about 1 year ago
  • BurningMidnightOil

    Holy fuck. Apologies for the expletive. YOU DID NOT JUST DO THAT. This piece absolutely crushed my angsty heart. Beautiful, stunning along with all the other words I cannot express. Very, very, well done.

    about 1 year ago
  • Harlow


    about 1 year ago