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What Inspired Me to Write # hearmyvoice

September 8, 2019


I've been writing stories since I was a kid. I've been editing them as long as I've lived in a subconscious commentary that pervasively takes over my life. My whole life I've been writing, but only in my head. The stories I've put down on paper are only the ones I've caught in the constant changing ideas I have in my mind. I write now because it has been my life,and only now will I attempt to live it.
I write because I need it, I have stories to tell, characters to meet, places to visit, worlds and lives to live in. I am learning how to find these people,places and stories that live in my head. I write because I met myself on paper, I learnt who I am ,who I will not be and what it takes to be that person.
I will continue to find myself in these pages and dance among lined paper.
I write because it is a faith that gives back. I believe in writing and it believes in me, it was the first time someone,something believed in me. Writing led me to become a better person.
The people who lived in books I saw in my life. I met hero's, I wanted to be one for myself and the people I love. I had to be hero for myself,no one would save me in my life,but books and pens welcomed me to a realm of safety.
I write now in the selfish wish of self preservation.
1. What inspired you to write? What gave you LIFE?
I would love to hear feedback on this. It's a bit unfinished to me but I  don't really know where to go with it?? Any advice is welcome(: 


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  • Victoria Martin

    Thank you for the feedback. I honestly just checked the tag now but I am going to fix it. I will try to work on it and see where it ends up with your comment in mind. I also would like to say that I love this contest. Awesome feedback so thank you.

    almost 2 years ago
  • BurningMidnightOil

    @Victoria Martin,

    I love how you went straight into how writing shaped the person you are today. I think if you flesh out the details a bit more (specific incidents that helped you?) we’ll be able to get a closer look. Also, the hashtag is incorrect. I only saw it when I was scrolling through my feed. There are no capitalisation (#hearmyvoice). I absolutely adore your voice, your style. I did find a few grammatical errors, so I do suggest a closer edit as well as reading it aloud for clumsy spots. Overall, well done. Best of luck!

    almost 2 years ago