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I'm a person with to many things in my head, and not enough creativity to write them. But I hope I improve and I hope to have my pieces enjoyed.

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What you will find here is the product of rare instances in which I actually write something. I hope you enjoy.

The soldiers who danced

April 24, 2016


They laughed to the backdrop of bombs. Swaying their hips and tapping their feet to the swing of the radio. The air in the bunker smelled sweetly of alcohol and cigars. The normally dim lamp lights shone like suns to the soldiers, and they couldn’t be happier. Even the gun’s shots from above seemed to fire to the songs beat, slowing down as the night grew.
“What a time to be alive” one mumbled, shaking his head with a smile.
“What a time to know your alive” another retorted, swaying drunkenly from side to side.
The ground shook and the world seemed to stop, just for a second, but when no cries broke the heavy air the men carried on. Their fears were now at the bottom of a whiskey bottle, rolling around the floor with the dust. The terrified boys were now bumbling men, hiccupping their happiness with each gulp of golden liquor they took. They held each moment in their hand like a precious stone, enjoying the warmth of each other in the otherwise damp underground burrow they called home. As the moon outside rose into the dark sky, the men who weren’t gulping their thoughts away danced with the stars in their dreams. Those who were watching the world from over a trench found a moment of silence where the gun shots didn’t ring in their ears like the school bell they left behind.
On each side of no man’s land men paused and reveled in the sound of their heart beating the sweetest melody of all.
No one could call the night peaceful, not even pleasant, but it was calm and the air was crisp awakening the soldiers spirit, letting it dream of a day where their only worries would be what they were having for breakfast. 


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