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- amalia costa (wtw alum)

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september 2019 wtw highlights

October 15, 2019


three's my lucky number, so it's no wonder that on my third instalment of monthly wtw highlights, there have been some truly incredible pieces written by my peers and yours. without any further ado, let's get to it!

bluebookbadger's a dreamer
Today, we have run out of rooms. There are no more beds. Illuminating the “No” on the vacancy sign, I return to my pacing of the halls, listening to the quiet breathing of the satisfied customers who dream. We cannot guarantee the dreams that will be had, only that we will not wake the sleeper. They sign the dotted line, and we put them to rest.
    bluebookbadger's had a few gems during the time which i've been on this site, and this piece is no exception. with an urban gothic vibe, the uncertainty of a sinister nature being overshadowed by neon lights and uniforms that are always crisp, 'a dreamer' has an incredible premise and an even more brilliant execution.

N.'s dumb poetry dump (2/2)
But oh, Romeo of Riverside, 
I never thought I’d be a Capulet. 

    is N new or am i just old? i remember N running a contest a while back that was quite popular (can't say i remember the results, but not matter) which inspired other writers to action, but in recent times, it seems that N has grown into themselves as a proficient poet! this piece caught my eye, and N's use of literary allusions enhances her piece to the nth degree.

surly wombat's one for sorrow
spill my stolen words from your silver lips and crack open the bronze that fills my fingertips. swallow whole the flaming coals that burnt my paper lungs.

surly wombat's lovely
she's made of marble and sea glass, champagne in the dark and piano notes on your tongue; 
black licorice, three golden feathers, the stars pulled from the sky, and absolution swirled through with lies.

surly wombat's nostalgia for someone else's future (or, the taste of glass)
here's always been a delicate sort of balance between today and tomorrow and yesterday
(i haven't lived a day of future when i there wasn't a hole in my chest aching for the past).

aryelee's snapshot: monsoon season in the desert
But still, when you are home, sitting on the patio and staring at a dark sky filled with clouds, you know you'll miss this. The unforgiving heat is familiar, hydros a common accessory, eegee's always out with a new flavor, and deafening thunder and lightning dances.

aryelee's waltz another night away
then I am swept away into another dance,
in the arms of another loveless lover,
baring her soul to me beneath the singing of the violins.

r|a|i|n's siren song
under pluto one day i shall have her, and seize her 
with fingers hot as the forge, and as my skull 
is smashed into stones there is a smile on my lips 
and a word on my tongue.
  i will see her again. 
i will see her forever.

oscar_locke's sand grains
hummingbird hearts pound 
and the feeling of thunderstorms 
the paddies crushed 
testing water for depth 
and light for darkness 
my mirror refuses to reflect

oscar_locke's Iliad
I am drunk on your words (and their silences) 
The moonlight like mercury

oscar_locke's parable of the atom
how sodom burns 
with her blood, locusts, floods 
holy oh 
like salt, we still shiver 
as the river nile floods

oscar_locke's god looking down at me
we are all priests
praying with our pain
feel nothing
but the absence of his

oscar_locke's coronach ~ heather
i spiral the edges of death
humans can look into nothingness
and see someone staring back and i did and i did
the memories fragmented
the garden you carved from stone
a gaze like broken glass

pouringoutthesun's we could be friends if your bones weren’t luminous
“Your eyes, it’s so often that they’re cold.” He rubs his temples. “The silver against the black? They look like frozen stars, ready to explode and take the world with them.”

pouringoutthesun's adoni: a study of fire
Adoni’s eyes have turned coal black. She blinks and fire bursts to life behind her eyelids. It hurts to cry now but Rivin would have wanted her to. The tear tracks leave marks, scratches down her skin.​

marsan's blinding smile
She hopes one day they'll finish the job and become lime dust. She'll put them in a small mouse-shaped box when it happens, a memento mori of the clove smell of anesthesia.

marsan's stories i tell myself at 3 am
Because we don't know if this is our only chance, so we can only wonder. Maybe we've had millions of lives, maybe we don't even have this one. Maybe we've been humans before and maybe we haven't. Maybe we shouldn't question it, and maybe we should.

loveletterstosappho's nuclear fusion
...i have not seen her in so long it feels a little bit like falling in love with a stranger, except maybe i have loved this stranger since the beginning of time, since the creation of the universe, since gravity and supernovas and space dust, since hydrogen and helium burning burning burning and the birth of earth's oceans, since my first breath of salty air...

eaurora's stasis
...she held the ocean across open palms 
as one in love might clutch at the sun 
and thank it for just 
one more day of light. 
But now it drowns her 
a little more every minute.

agustdv's of mundane tales
my teeth feel like nails hammered into a freshly painted wall; white dripping, my tongue stuck to the roof, boarded-up windows, and my neighbor saying goodbye.

agustdv's to cinema
i've been a patron saint of cinema since i learnt 
nine times nine is eighty one

agustdv's sigaro
you are an effigy of nonchalant affection
ripped jeans in the snug corners of a hollow december

agustdv's hourglass
frail, old bones and childish grins, nooses on ancient trees coaxing you closer; the gingerbread man is on fire. 

agustdv's metropolitan melancholy
follies are a second nature;
staring at the abyss
the abyss staring at me
singing to the empty blue seats
of dubai's cold, lonely metro trains

she's-got-a-story's shared bathroom
on tile fell our femininity and dignity at night 

jeily's sunlight
He taps at my shoulder. My tan lines are visible there. "The sun is in your skin."

jeily's words for you
you told me to make a wish and i did, i had wished that i could always be as close to you as we were that night, but you were so close, and the cold had flushed your nose and cheeks, and your voice was so soft and gentle that i couldn't speak for a minute and tell you it.
    gods, jeily. brilliant, brilliant, brilliant. i'm going to have to expand my vocabulary to express how good their writing is because hOT DAMN. this is some good kush. 'words for you' is maybe one of the sweetest pieces i've ever read, romance boiled down to its key elements - pure adoration. i'm definitely keeping tabs on jeily from now on, and i'd suggest you do too.

kenny's the witch
Her house was an ugly little thing, squeezed in between an aging cinema and a crumbling mansion that was long abandoned.
    kenny's been supporting my work for such a long time, it's only fair that i do my part and support them back. kenny's talent in weaving an engaging story is not wasted on their human connections essay entry, the magical realism of the 'witch' in the neighbourhood fuelling the actions and reminiscing of a narrator the audience can easily relate to.

merito's five times when i catch myself alive
Uchechi has an innocence about her that smooths the edges of Papa’s rough voice. She has ruddy cheeks that beam in dark times, and ears that can’t discern the kp from the gb when Mama speaks Igbo. She gets scolded for it sometimes, and I can’t help but pity her because both are said with the same gurgle of the throat, purse of the lips, and vibration of teeth and tongue that I'm sometimes clueless as to which is being uttered.
    merito is another new face on write the world, but with such beautifully descriptive prose, you'd think they've been honing their craft along with us for months or years on end. but seeing as their entry for the human connections essay competition is currently their only piece, it is utterly surprising to discover that this raw talent comes unaided from the wtw community. the cultural aspects of merito's nigerian culture flow seamlessly to create this engaging and wholesome narrative; it seems all ethnic children are dissatisfied with losing their mother tongue.

calamiteaa wrote a piece that has been since unpublished, but that echoed an achingly similar theme to that of merito's reflection. rather than the focus on language and the taste of words, calamiteaa examined her cultural identity in reference to her hair in order to impart her emotions about her family and culture, all the while sitting in the barber's chair. i'm only disappointed that i can't share the piece with you, but decided it was worth a mention anyway.

rainandsonder's sugar plum nightmares
and do you ever wonder why we put questions marks at the end of our questions, even when what we're asking isn't really a question, even when every year feels like one long question, written in permanent marker but too smudged to read?

rainandsonder's concrete snowglobe
I think one day someone flipped us upside-down, because when I looked at the sky I saw a concrete city, slithering towards the horizon like poison slithers its way to the heart, and the ground below me was overcast brown and dirt gray like winter storm clouds.

bei_ohreally's heal on my end
because now that i think about it, what is a home if not for the people making up of it? nothing, just a house. an empty, dusty & dark four-walled shell of what it could be.
    shoutout to aryelee for suggesting this piece. i honestly can't believe this slipped through my fingers. (that being said, i haven't been as thorough in my hunt this month; exams have been the death of me.) i wish i could articulate the feeling of returning in the way bei_ohreally has; coming home is truly a heartwarming experience, and it's honestly incredible how bei_ohereally has managed to express that concept without it feeling cliche.

splitnymph's 0.0.ii. /pocket of stars/
sweaty palms and bouncing legs, a scene straight from the veil of a polaroid with crinkled film and a destination set for a wrinkle in time.
    splitnymph is another newcomer (not like we get those all the time) (this is sarcasm, if you didn't realise) and one that i'm desperately grateful for. this vignette-like piece exudes the talents of a writer who has thoroughly honed their craft to the point of near perfection. i love this piece, and i hope splitnymph will continue to keep posting amazing work like this.


congratulations to all of september's amazing writers! all of these pieces are worth a read, a like, and a comment if you feel so inclined (and you should), and i'd suggest checking out some of the other pieces of mentioned authors as well (rules are rules, i can't accept pieces that didn't come out this month but there are some really good ones that were released a while back). hope this brings a little more recognition to those who deserve it.

on a side note, consider nominating some of your favourite pieces from this list (or your own writing) to writers of the world's september must reads! nominations for september are still open, and they do great things for writers (aka giving them actual reviews for spectacular work). they have a much more organised system than i do, and give prizes for the top pieces in each category. go check it out!
to see personal comments about previously mentioned writers, see july and august highlights.
previous months contain pieces from: and more!


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