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When I was younger, I didn't have a lot of close friends, and turned to the realm of fictional playmates when I got lonely. Now, while still a dedicated consumer of written work, I would love to be able to create something to give back.

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The Best Birthday Ever

October 9, 2019

PROMPT: Child Narrator

Today has been going on for a long time. Almost forever. I can't wait for it to be over, but Momma says no more asking her how much longer until tomorrow. She says to learn how to tell time myself. I say that I can read the number clocks, and so I don't need to read the circle ones. Besides, clocks don't tell me how much longer until my birthday.

Oh. Yeah. That's what I'm waiting for. Tomorrow is a special day. My day. I'm going to have cupcakes for school and lots of presents. I love cupcakes and presents. Maybe I'll get that new super lazer truck like Johnny. Otherwise I have to wait for Santa, and I'm not sure he can make a super truck. It might be too big for the elves or something. I don't think I can wait for tomorrow, but sadly, Momma says I have to.

Today was the best day ever! I got to sleep late, because Momma's alarm was broken. Then I got to wear my favorite t-shirt to school. It only had a little juice on it.  Momma bought some cookies on our way, and I got to share them with my class. My teacher let me pick a toy from the treasure box. I chose a little slime ball with an alien inside. Awesome, right? When I got home, Momma had made my third-favorite dinner: ABC smile soup. Then I opened my present: a romote controlled dinosaur! I can't wait to show Cooper, it's perfect for battling his romote controlled helicopter. Today was super awesome, it was the best birthday day ever! 
This story is supposed to be about the wonders of a child's mind: the kid has a completely different day than he expected, and yet is still is full of joy.


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  • RHTQ1

    Thanks! I was trying to add hints of how wrong his day really went-no father is mentioned; his mom does not make/take him to a fancy dinner but instead offers canned soup

    11 months ago
  • JCWriter

    You've done a great job of capturing the child's voice, and I love the message you point out in the footnote. This is such a cute piece. Good job!

    12 months ago
  • Charisse Marison

    Aww! So cute! I remember feeling like this when I was younger :) Birthdays were the biggest deals ever! great job!

    12 months ago