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I originally started writing these kinds of poems to help me study for my biology tests (since they involve anatomy) but I've grown to like including science in poetry. Do the images make sense, as well as the wording? Any feedback is appreciated :)

pulmonary nebulas

April 22, 2016


flesh is nothing but a plastic cover
and if you s t r e t c h it far enough
the seams begin to rip, hovering
a guideline instead of a fence

a tongue is nothing but a stretchy strawberry 
and if you cut it clean in half 
the seeds disperse, swearing
to rearrange the words into normal speech

the brain is nothing but playdough
and if you let it mold 
the pink uncoils, forgetting Plato
remembering nothing 

the smile is nothing but a bunch of ugly mirrors
and if you rip them out by the roots
the spotlights reverse, it only gets worse
and you stare at your self-destruction for eternity.


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