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She Waits

By: Cornflower Burst


She waits
Dry eyes,
wanting to cry.
Dry lips,
wanting to scream.
Anticipation burns.
She waits.

Message to Readers

I wrote this piece to show how I felt while I was waiting to get results for the Flash Fiction Competition. Any feedback on the rhythm, word choice, or rhyme is highly appreciated. Even a comment works. So, please, don't just like, comment about your feedback. Or review. I'd be willing to do the same for you. I hope you enjoy my writing!

Peer Review

It was short and yet extremely satisfying and relatable. In my perspective, this piece highlighted the pain of keeping emotions inside, bottled up until the right time.

It was the perfect length, although the urgency behind your word choice left me wanting more. A very nice read :)

Reviewer Comments

I would totally rate this five stars if I could, haha!