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I have the same birthday as Barrett Wilbert Weed. If you don't know who that is, go get a life. (Just kidding. but google her).

I AM WRITING A BOOK!!!! As of now it is called "When You're Gone". I hope to finish it by the end of November (the first draft, at least). I'm on chapter 4 of 23 right now! So eh...?

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August 29, 2019


The sun glances off a box on my corner desk
It is made of light wood
With a glass top
So I can see, 
See the contents
And be constantly reminded of my failures
Or success?
I am weary,
Too weary to know the difference.

As every day passes, I grow more tired
Tired of hoping
Tired of waiting
Tired of living

I cross the room,
to my corner desk.
The sun blinds me as I approach
They tease me,
With the same cancerous rays that took my sister
At least she isn't here to witness this
I'll see you soon,
I think.

I stop as I reach the desk
and stare at the box for a moment.
So ornately carved, handmade by my woodworking stepfather
A birthday present, when I was 11
I used to store my toys in it.
Now, I'm toying with death.

With a deep breath, I uncap a pen
With an exhale, I begin to write.

The words flow out of me, just like they always do
I write, write, write
Black ink, this time
Last, it was red.

I begin to run out of room
And so I finish.

Folding the paper twice, I open the wooden box
Inside, 5 similar pieces of paper.
They are all about the same thing, just as my most recent is
They are my utmost way to express myself
And to say goodbye
Goodbyes aren't easy.

Years, many years, have passed since the first
I've written one note each year
Always expecting success
Always receiving failure...


This time will be different, I know it, I think
as I slip my 6th suicide note into the box.
Woa, that got dark fast. This is what happens when I write before eating dessert. EAT SWEETS, KIDS!!

What am I doing with my life


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  • r|A|i|N

    wow, this is so powerful. i love your utilization of the prompt. the ending is really chilling. great work.

    7 months ago