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Angelina Nguyen


"Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing."
-Benjamin Franklin

Message from Writer

Hello, everyone! I hope you enjoy my pieces published on this page! Most of what I write is inspired by real life events, along with people I have the pleasure of meeting. Please favourite, review, leave a comment or share any of my works if you like them because it may not seem like it but it means a great deal to me and will make my day tremendously.


April 30, 2016


The hospitable corners born from the spine, venturing out to a sudden halt,
open and inviting the explorer in.

The intoxicating scent of a novel, each described by the author in a way that crafts a subjective atmosphere and thrills the newcomer or the visitor;
sea salt "Percy Jackson",
fresh blood "The Odyssey",
dripping chambers "Dracula",
the taste of a cappuccino spilt along the fine edges of "Sense and Sensibility" a good ten years ago when it was first checked out.

The sarcoline sheets all illustrated majestically with dancing fairy tales, painting illuminating facts of the spectrum of fish below, memoirs of old and new. 

An adventure into the Ancient World, studying hieroglyphics and the lost wonders,
two taps of a pair of ruby shoes to whisk away into the magical land of Oz or
sharing the fragile moments of a contemporary, teenage romance.  

The cream of the pages of a book means welcome, where all it is waiting for is a home to ignite.


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