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Snippet of a Hero's Story

August 28, 2019


“You know what I think, Hero?” The Villain begins, voice drenched with sarcasm and exhaustion. “I think that those silly men and women upstairs need to stop sending you to do their dirty work. Wouldn’t you agree?” 

The Hero takes a moment to process what was just said, blinking while the gears in her head catch up. “What—?”

“When was the last time you’ve had a break from all this villain hunting, hm?”


“Hell, when was the last time you’ve ever gotten a genuine ‘thank you’ from the gods and goddesses who hired you? I’ll bet it’s been a while, right?” A sigh, and the Villain swirls the glass in her hands, a dark, blood-red liquid. Before continuing, she drains it in a single tip of her glass, before placing it on the table next to her. “You aren’t the first one who’s tried to turn me back from my dastardly ways, and nor will you be the last. I’ve lived as long as the ancient spirits who first created this world, and I’ll die with the last breath from nature’s children, you  hear me?”


“So, tell those idiots twiddling their thumbs up in the clouds that if they want to get rid of me, then to stop sending ‘children of the prophecies’ to try and chop my head off. It’s really starting to get annoying.”


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  • jaii

    ha. this is why i always love villains more than heroes (except thanos. thanos can go die in a hole). they’re so sassy

    over 1 year ago
  • Anha

    love some good hero-villian banter :)

    over 1 year ago