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Message to Readers

Hi everyone! First story here and I am excited! Please don't sugar coat your reviews I really want to know what people think of it!! I want feedback on really anything!

My Parents Love Story.

April 21, 2016

PROMPT: Imagine This

My parents Kat and Ryan Night have a remarkable love story. They were a set up and love at first sight. It was a set up from one of their friends. So imagine this one summer day in Texas, Arizona two people meet; Kat wasn't dressed up because she thought that she wouldn't see anyone but her girlfriend she was meeting with. However, 5 min till they get their her friend goes "By the way our friend will be joining us" 

Kat started dating Ryan in the Summer of 2001 and they were married by November 2001. The wedding was a princess ball wedding; Kat was in a big puffy white princess dress and Ryan was in a black and white tux. It is true love at first sight. 


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