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Baby Hands

August 27, 2019


“You got baby hands, girl.” 

We were arguing about something- instruments? basketball?- when you grabbed my right hand and laughed. My hands were small, fair enough, but you didn't have to point it out. You certainly didn’t have to grab one of them too.

We would bicker like our lives depended on it, all bite and no bark. But, for whatever reason, this time I couldn’t make my throat work. All of my body’s ability had been limited to my eyes. They were staring at your hand holding mine.

My silence caught your attention, and your eyes followed mine.

“Oh, uh. Sorry.” You mumbled, and let go of my hand, instantly awkward. “I didn’t mean to be weird or anything.”

“It’s uh...that’s okay.”  I managed to choke out.

The bell rang, and we hastily departed.
“You got baby hands, girl.”

You chuckled as you looked down at our linked hands on the couch. “I can’t get over how mutated you are.”

“Oh shut up.” I grabbed the pillow on my right and flug it over me. Success. It hit you square in the face.

You yelped as if you’d been shot.

“My own right hand man!”

“Actually, it was my right hand who did it.”


Your lips found my offending hand and I decided to let your comment go.
“You got baby hands, girl.”

I snorted. “That’s because she’s a year old, hon.”

“Yeah, but sheesh. She’s got her mother’s hands for sure.” You pointedly looked at me and stuck your tongue out. I groaned.

“Don’t make me kill you. We’ll wake her up again.”  

“Oh God, I love her, but if she cries one more time tonight I’m going to jump off the balcony.”

We both laughed as quietly as we could after that. Sleep deprivation was settling in beautifully.

“C’mon, let’s just try to go to sleep.” You whispered. Your left hand found my right as you guided me to our bed.
“You got baby hands, girl.”

I tried to laugh, but it quickly morphed into a cough. I hated how that made you look at me.

“Even now, you’re making fun of me.” I said, trying my best not to sound as weak as I felt.

“You know I’ll always give you a hard time.” You teased.

“I know. You’ve been doing that for years, you loser.”

You gave me a smile, but it slowly melted. “I love you, you know that, right?”

“Of course.” I whispered. I managed to lift my right hand to cup your cheek. “I would have to be the dumbest person in the world not to know that by now.”

“That’s why I’m worried.” You joked, but I could hear how the words caught in your throat.

“I love you, too.” I said, as you started to cry beside my bed.
“You got huge hands, baby girl.”

I pulled away my hands from you, embarrassed. “That’s not something many teenage girls wanna hear, dad.”

You chuckled. “Well, it’s true. Your mom would have killed for hands like that.”

My ears perked up. It’s not everyday I learned something new about my mother.

“What, did she have small hands?”

“Like a goddamn mutant.” You were practically dying laughing. “I constantly made fun of her, and she always whacked me with something because of it. Her weapon of choice was usually a pillow, if I remember correctly.”

That had me laughing, imagining a small woman chucking a pillow at my enormous father. Soon enough, we were both giggly messes at the kitchen table.

“She would have been so proud of you, y’know.” You said after we’d calmed down a little.

“Yeah. I hope so.” My right hand found its way to my heart.


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  • Juliana

    What a cool idea to use the hands throughout!

    about 1 year ago