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FairyTale Diasaster stories (short stories)

April 21, 2016

PROMPT: Open Prompt

My name is Lucy Gonzalez, I am 14, I look like Alice from Alice in Wonderland, & can you believe that a small little box changed my whole life? I can, because it happened to me.
   I was a normal high-schooler, a girl who hated talking to people & was in no way possible. I’m just a girl who blasts up the music in my earbuds to block out the noise of people making fun of me.  I wanted to be completely different, but not in this way.
All this started when I picked up a dinky old box, fixed it up & then opened it. This may sound like a fairytale itself, I may sound crazy, but this is all true, I think. So without further ado, let my crazy, unbelievable story begin.
As I walk along the big city of New York I notice trash cans overflowing and half eaten pizza slices with flies swarming around it.This is my home, the wonderful New York, with my mom and my bratty sister in a 2 bedroom apartment.
    I forgot to mention that tomorrow is my 14th birthday, the day I become the age to be a  high schooler.
    “Its summer Lucy, why do you have to go home?!”
My friend, Isabella Piper squeaks at me as we get closer to my apartment, and farther away from my school.
    “Isabella sorry, but I need to clean up my room and get ready for the or, should I say my birthday party..” I respond back for the millionth time, I cross the street and yell bye to Isabella and take out my kitty key and unlock the entryway to many other apartments.
    First of all, I live in an apartment with my mom and (bratty) sister, it is surprisingly high compared of how big the building looks, it is 2 floors and 2 bedrooms, and very cheap to live in.
    I go to our apartment door and take out my rabbit key (I paint all my keys a different animal so I know which is which) and unlock it, when I first come in I see toys scattered all over the floor (Annies) and some of my mother's makeup. I go to get some Chunky Monkey ice cream but instead I see a small note stuck onto the refrigerator.
    Dear lucy,
Me and Annie went out to play in the garden at Central Park, be back in about an hour and a half, love you honey
    I stare at her neatly written cursive for a bit & sign. Sure, Annie is really annoying, but I do love hanging out with her. Next to moms name I barely make out the signature of Annie, but I figure out it is hers anyway. I get a bowl of ice cream and make it into a slushie type milkshake, I slurp on it while I clean up the mess then I race up to my room and put my Windows phone on the charger, I pick up underwear and shirts and many other clothing items I wore for the last week of school. Suddenly I jump back when I hear the doorbell ring and I decide to bring a small knife with me into the main hall where our door is, I peek through the hole and see a little boy standing with a package in his hands.
    Ding Dong! Ding-Dong! Ding-Dong!
I work up the courage to open the door and he looks at me with a surprised face, like he was not expecting someone to answer the door.
“Hello! name is Jake and I was asked to deliver this to you...” He hands out a small box with shaky hands, I can hear his fingers rattling on the box.“By who?” I respond back cursorily, “I can’t say Miss, but here you go!” Jake quickly responds to my question then he shoves a small box into my hands and runs out the apartment building. On the box I see no address except mine, and on the top is written,
Happy Birthday, Lucy Gonzalez
    I put it on the table and decide to myself that I would open it straight in the morning so I could see what it was and to see if there was any way I could figure out who sent it.
    Suddenly I hear the door slam open and Annie running into the living room with 3 buckets of Butter Pecan ice cream with 2 bags filled with white powdered sugar.
“MOMMY!! LUCY GOT A PACKAGE!!!” Annie screams from the small kitchen.
“Honey, who is the package from? Is it for you and for your birthday?”
“Mom, I have no idea..a little boy delivered it and he ran off, also there is no return address just ‘Happy Birthday Lucy’ and our address” I kind of yell back at mom, she comes out of the kitchen with a bowl of ice cream and sets it down in front of me, then when she thinks I'm not paying attention she grabs the package and exclaims “Wow, this is the best wrapping I have ever seen, it's like a robot thing wrapped it!” I angrily nod at her & snatch it out of her hand. “Honey, what’s wrong?” She sweetly says, grazing my cheek.
“I just don’t know, I don't want anyone touching it, it feels like it will break or if something or someone touches it!” I yell back and run back into my room and when I get up the stairs I heard Annie say in a sing-song voice
“OOOH Lucy's In Trouble!!”
“Oh shut up…” I sneer at Annie, though I’m trying really hard to keep a straight & angry face, because her face is splattered with powdered sugar & butter pecan ice cream.
    When I get into my room I hear a sharp ringing noise coming from under my bed, I set the box down on my messy desk and look under my bed.
    Lookie, lookie, my phone got pushed under here.
    I get my phone from under my bed and it surprises me because a unknown number is calling me, I carefully answer the phone and put it on speaker phone.
 “Take care of the box little girl! That has very powerful essences of special magi-”
    The phone hangs up and I drop my phone on the floor, I slowly back away from it & throw one of my pillows on the phone. Who was that??!! How did that thing know my phone number!?  I slowly sit down on my bed and I go to sleep as soon as my head hits my fluffy pillow.
    When I wake up I see Annie with a bowl of ice cream staring at, like she wants to eat it, I put my hand on her shoulder and she jumps back,
“You scared me! I was going to give you ice cweam for your birthday!” And with the ice cream she runs off into ‘her room’ and I hear her start to scoop ice cream into her mouth with a toy shovel.
    My mom comes into my room with a bag that has owls all over it.
    She slowly comes out from behind my mom and runs up to me and hugs me really really tight!
“Lucy! Your mom made me come for a surprise sleepover, oh, and I brought a gift!” She pulls out a     small jewelry peace with a heart on it that reads:
             Best Friends Forever, And Ever
    I see that she has another heart that says the same thing but In a different font.
     My mom leaves the room and closes the door behind her.
“I got this package yesterday, it's shaped like a small box shape, do you wanna open it?”
    She says yes of course, I walk over to my desk and pull it out from under all the papers, I rip off the paper thing that's over the wrapping paper, on the real wrapping paper I see rapunzel, Bell, Alice, Red riding hood, and many other fairytale characters.
“Wow, I have never ever seen that kind of wrapping paper, it's beautiful!” I exclaim. “Actually, I don’t know where I got it, It was left at my front door & it said, ‘ Happy Birthday Lucy♥’, It was really weird, but I thought it would make some nice wrapping paper!” She squeals and hugs the life out of me. I laugh. Her hair smells like licorice, she pushes back & looks at me. “I remember when we were in kindergarden, we kept saying ‘Boys have cooties!’” She starts to tear up. I wipe a tear off & smile. “Don’t worry, we may have changed, but our friendship never will.” I say sweetly.
    I lightly tear off the fairy tail wrapping paper and I gasp, there is a beautiful shiny box with a gold outlining covered with Fairytale characters, Disney characters, and Pixar Characters.
“Lucy, this is such a beautiful jewlery box, and look at this key!”
    I pull out a small key out of a small little bag and put the key in the jewelry box hole, suddenly there is a burst of light that makes me have to cover my face from the blinding lights.  When the blind show stops,  it goes back to normal & I see a girl that is about 1 and a half of foot taller then me  with a blue and white dress and a tattoo of a white rabbit on her arm, and on the other arm she has a tattoo which is a page that says, “Once Upon A Time”
“Where am I?!! Who are you?!”
I see Isabella sit up with a surprised look on her face and then she falls on her back again, Did she just faint on me!? This weird girl just appeared in my room!
    I decide to respond back to the alice looking girl, “T-This is New York, and I’m L-Lucy Gonzalez, who are you?Why are you here?!”
“Im Alice Wonderland, the last place I was in was FairyTale Land. Suddenly there was a dark hole e of type thing, in the sky and I got sucked up in it, and now I’m here, in your room….”
    There was a century of silence before Isabella popped up from the floor and she gasped, “Who is this Lucy, is this another friend you invited?! She looks a bit old to be hanging out with us”-She suddenly looks at her tattoos- “Wow, she has tattoos too!”
“Im Alice, Alice Wonderland, I appeared here when the black hole sucked me up from the sky”
    I get up on my bed and rub my temples, I think about what has happened in the last 5 minutes, Alice WonderLand, Alice Wonderland, Alice WonderLand! No it couldn't be, she's just make believe, a fairy ta- then why does she have a white rabbit tattoo and “Once Upon A Time” scroll type thing on her arm?! And FairyTale Land? Is this box magic..
“I think I figured it out, the box is magic and you're  a Fairy Tale, so, you live in FairyTale Land! Who else lives there?”
“Tinker Belle, Belle, Cinderella, Wolf, Red Riding Hood…. Lots of other people too..”
    What is going on?!?! This box must be magical!
That is the moment I figure it out, this box is magical and very time I open it a fairytale character pops out, that is the moment my whole life changed, the moment I found that out..
    I lock the box open and go to the kitchen and get some food, such as ice cream, water, & some homemade spaghetti mom made, I put it on a small tray and get a couple candles, my mom went back to sleep so, I might as well just celebrate by birthday with some old birthday candles..
    I race up to my room and spill some water on my short legs, I didn't care though because today was my birthday and a guest was over, a very special guest was over.
     When I open the door a gust of wind comes in and I can hear Alice yelling “I LOVE THE WHITE RABBIT-” and when she closes the window and see me there her face turns red as an apple
“Hehehe Hmmm…. He's my b-boyfriend,......... and of course in human form!”
    She sits down on my unmade bed and lays down on her back in a embarrassed-like way.
“Todays my birthday, you might not know that Alice-wait where is Isabella?”
“She said she wanted to get some fresh air, she said she also loves nature and dared me to yell that out the window” Alice responds in a un-polite way.
“Well anyways, today is my birthday and would you mind if you sang happy birthday to me, I have some ice cream and an old candle, and of course i'll get Isabella..”
“Sure, anything to get my mind off rabbit, he's always around me, and I’m always around him…” She laughs and sighs,
“I sure wish I would be able to bring him here with me…”
    I hear the door slam shut and Isabella comes racing up the stairs and when she opens the door I’m putting the candles in the halfway melted ice cream and lighting them
“Whats going on here?! I thought I was your best friend, were you guys going to sing happy birthday to her or should I say was Alice going to sing happy birthday to you without me?”
“No Isabella you know I’m your best friend, I would never forget about you. We were just getting ready for you too come up so you both could do it..”
    As I say that her face goes to a slight red and she lets out a shaky laugh and sighs.
    Next thing you know my mom comes into the room and sees Alice
“Honey…..Who is this, and why are you lighting candles?!!”
“This.. this is Alice Monique, she's an older kid in my school but she is really nice and cool, she said she wanted to come over because her parents are going on a trip to France and did not have anyone to babysit so, I decided that she could come over, is that okay my-mom?”
“Uh-Uh okay hon’ I guess…”
    My mom sits down and says that we should sang happy birthday now, Annie comes into the room and starts to sing happy birthday, they all start to join in
I blow out the candles,This is what it feels like to be 14, the big 14...
I dig into the chunky monkey ice cream and I see Annie have her whole barrel of her Butter Pecan Ice Cream and she is scooping handfuls of sugar into it, every now and then licking the sugar grains of her tiny fingers.
When mom and Annie race out of the room to start decorating the apartment for the birthday party, I creeked the door shut and as I do that I see Alice wiping off sweat from her forehead, She must have been sweating because of the lie I told
“What a birthday party?”
“It's a party celebrating your birthday, and when is your birthday?”
“I have no idea, I don't have a mom or any family, just friends, I just suddenly popped out of nowhere. Well I basically popped out from a book”
    Alice opens the window and hums a small tune, when it’s finally time for the birthday party I throw on a strapless  light blue dress with a white bow.
“Why do you change clothes all the time, in FairyTale Land we never change clothes, they don't allow it..”
“We’d get the clothes stained and sweaty if we wore them for our whole life, and it will grow out of you if you wore it for your whole life.” I respond back with a confident voice.
Isabella gets a jealous look on her face and runs to the bathroom to change into her black and white dress.
“Whats wrong with her?”
“I think she's jealous about.. You being here, she probably thought I was hanging out with you more...which is kinda true..”
    I gaze off into the distance and I snap back when I hear the doorbell ring and some hard fists knocking on the door. I knock on the bathroom door and tell Isabella the guests are arriving, she doesn't respond..
    I throw open the door and a surprised look plasters on my face,
“Why are you hiding in the bathtub Isabella?Is something wrong?”
“I-I feel like you like that Alice girl more then me, you're hanging out with her more and didn't even ask what I was doing when I went to the bathroom..”
    Her salty tears start to run down her pale face into the fabric of her dress, I wipe up her tears with a small dish rag and help her put her shoes on, we race down the stairs to see a swarm of people waiting for me, and in the middle is my mom holding a medium sized ice cream birthday cake that reads “Happy Birthday Lucy!❤”
    Suddenly a chorus of voices starts to sing happy birthday to me, the rest of the day was a blur, people running into me, talking to me, and opening all the gifts that is a duplicate of everything in my room, owl posters,phone cases, pencil holders.
    When Isabella gets picked up by her mother Alice tries to hug her but Isabella runs into her car and rolls up the thin glass window, her mother drives away..I didn't even get too say bye
    Alice turns away with a sad-puppy eyed face and slowly walks up the stairs, she walks down the hall into the small bathroom and slightly closes the door but, there is a small crack that you can peek through to slightly spy on her, even though there is no need, you can hear her start to bowl out her eyes.
“Honey, what's wrong with her? Did she not say goodbye to her parents or something”, I decide not to respond back to my mother and I push past the fe remaining family members and run up the stairs and push open the door, she starts to clear up her tears and put on her mascara
“Whats wrong?!”
“Whi-White Rabbit, I’ve never been away from him soo long, and the Queen eather, I was thinking to myself ‘What happens if I stay here too long?”
“I-I have no Idea….Do you wanna go back”
“NO……. but I want Rabbit too come here..”
“Wanna see a surprise?”
    I put a blindfold on her face and pull her towrds my room and pick up the stone key, many diffrent necklsis fall out of her pocket, I open the box and take off her blindfold and tell her what Im going to do……


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