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I would love to expand my knowledge and description skills to that of a master, to be able to read a book to a blind person and have them picture what is being read to them, to give them a sense of color through words.

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But, not all stories end well.

April 21, 2016

PROMPT: Imagine This

The year was 1967. Les, a young successful bussiness man with black blue hair and a tuxedo walked into the room, with his hair slicked back and his focus on the stage. 

It was one warm evening in the city of Durban, in the city hall was the competition for Ms.Durban, as Les walked into the smoky room, his eyes immediately shot towards the blonde in the long starlight dress standing in the middle of a line formed of contestants with only one goal in mind, that silver crown with Ms.Durban as title. She looked at him, through the steam of the cigarette smoke, she glared at the tuxedoed gent, her name was called "Our next contestant is Dorothy Potgieter!" She walked forward, not breaking contact with the man in the suit. 

After the show, her friend approached Les, asked him if he was interested in dating her, he looked in Dorothy's direction and said "I've already found the women I'm going to marry."  He walked over to her, stared into her eyes, as if speaking through their gaze, he walked over to his car opening the door of his 1967 sparkling GTO, and gestured that she climb in, her white tee and classic jeans still looked glamorous. 

They got married a few years later. But not all stories end well. 

She died of a heart attack at the age of 57, while he was on business in Cape Town.

In loving memory of my loving, beautiful Gran, Dorothy - Dot Potgieter

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