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See that girl kneeling next to the bookshelf in the library? She's whispering the book titles to herself. That's me. Back away slowly, and then run.

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September 12, 2019


    Stepping outside my apartment, I realize I forgot my phone inside. Sighing, I turn around.
    Then I scream and fall over. My coffee drops from my hand and spills all over the floor. I don’t even register the puddle I’m kneeling in as I gape. 
    Someone-some awful, messed up person-has nailed a cat to the door of my apartment. Its dead eyes stare at me. The eyes are yellow, I note, and then gag as a drop of blood falls on the door handle. 
    I keep gagging, standing up now, thinking only of getting out and out and away from it, stumbling down the hallway, out and out and out and I run into somebody coming out of their apartment and knock them over.
    I throw my hands out to catch myself and find them pressing onto the poor person’s face. I quickly remove them and find myself looking into the glaring face of a man I don’t recognize at all.
    “Get off me,” he growls. I scramble into a standing position. He stands as well, dusts his dark suit off, and pats his hair. 
    “Please,” I gasp, “There’s-it’s on my door-please, I need help.” I get nothing from the man except another glare as he walks away down the hallway. I stand there, panting, before darting through the hallway and down the stairs.
    Stepping out onto the sidewalk, I take a huge, shuddering breath. I keep breathing as I walk towards the pay phone just outside Lee’s Grocery. My hand shakes as I dig in my purse for a quarter and fit it in the slot before dialing Pauline’s number.
She doesn’t pick up for the first three rings. I clutch the phone, whisper “Please, please…” and sigh with relief as I hear a click.
    “Hello? Who is this?” Pauline and I had been friends in college, and now that we lived in the same city, we had reached nearly best-friend status. 
    “Pauline? It’s me, it’s Esther.”
    “Why are you calling me from this number?”
    “I left my phone in the apartment. Listen, Pauline, something really bad just happened.”
    “Someone nailed a cat to my door.”
    I hear coughing noise on the other end. It goes on for so long that I finally ask, “Are you okay over there?” 
    One more cough, and Pauline whispers, “You said that just as I took a drink of water. What do you mean, there’s a cat nailed to your door?” 
    “I don’t know!” Catching a glare from Mrs. Lee inside the store, I lower my voice. “It was there when I left this morning, and it’s so disgusting and I don’t know who would do something like that, but now I have to get it off, and I-”
    “Okay, take a breath.” Pauline clicks her tongue. “I’ll be there in five minutes.”
    “Can you bring Bruno to help get it off?” This was Pauline’s boyfriend.
    “Sure. Just wait outside, we’ll be right there.”
    I sigh. “Thank you so much. Bye.”
    “Bye.” I start to hang up the phone, but then I hear her say, “And, Esther?”
    I hold the phone back up to my ear. “Yeah?”
    “Be careful.”
    “What do you mean?”
    “I mean that somebody clearly did this on purpose. So either it’s some sick psycho in your building, or somebody’s really pissed off at you.”
    “Who’ve I annoyed?”
    “You tell me.”
    “Sure. Bye.”

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  • K.R.M

    I love the way you started this. Write more, please!!!

    about 2 years ago