The negatives can be deafening, but the positives are no longer whispers drifting on the wind. And isn’t that exciting?

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My passions include but are not limited to; Greek mythology, writing (obviously), reading, drawing,
N E T F L I X, food and family.
I like books that are about independent people fighting on physical or mental battlefields. I like anime, k-dramas, webtoons, musicals and school (believe it or not). I hope you had a good day. Or at least a day with a book in it. Books make things better ( ;

Run | #Ashes

August 27, 2019


A flood could set a heart on fire- I know that my soul is definitely burning. Can you see the smoke? 
It rises with the water, sending warning signals. Can you read the signs I deliver? 
I’ve been an awful person, to you and myself. I’ve told lies that have drowned the fjords and now a wild fire blazes. Can you run?
Run from this horrid place. You can do better. You can do better. Release my hand, so you may avoid the gnarly burns that follow me. Now, turn around. Place one shaky foot in front of the other. Run.
No. No. Don’t worry about me. Instead... look at the stars. See how they twinkle? See how they fly? Soon- very, very soon- if you look into the night sky, you’ll see me floating amongst the stars. As soon as you run.
Be brave- be sure. The flames will not scorn you and the waves will barely lick your feet. I’ll make sure of it. I’ll make sure. But, for now -and forever- I must say goodbye. Don’t look back- just run...

Run and I’ll protect you.


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