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You can't breathe - so you write

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For me, writing is my lifeline. Without it, I'm not sure how I would function. It's my way of dealing with my pain, and immortalizing my happiness. It's my way of expressing the many parts of me, and all that I want to be.
Poetry and short story are my go to, but I also have written a completed novel and am currently working on a second. :)
Thanks for reading, commenting and reviewing any of my pieces. I really do appreciate it!
Much love and happy writing - g

Wouldn't It Be Nice? (A Hardworker's Prayer)

April 20, 2016


Wouldn't it be nice
To be the very best
To never have to try
Or even have to rest
Things would just come easy 
It'd be a piece of cake 
You'd be the first to leave the nest
Learned to fly before the rest

But for most it isn't like this 
For most we have to work 
Train and run and train again 
Until we're overworked  
Things don't come easy
We aren't always the very best
But we would try, and try and try 
Until we are drowning in our sweat

We overcome the people who say we can't
We over come the negativity
We over come our failing bodies
And we'd do it all with creativity

No we don't all start out the very best
(we may even sit the bench)
But one day we will reach the top
Above all the rest
Be among the legends, the heroes, and the greats
We will live to impress

They will aspire to be us
More than the person who started out on top
We proved that we had the guts
That we could go from zero to hundred 
And never give up
only adjust


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