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You can't breathe - so you write

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For me, writing is my lifeline. Without it, I'm not sure how I would function. It's my way of dealing with my pain, and immortalizing my happiness. It's my way of expressing the many parts of me, and all that I want to be.
Poetry and short story are my go to, but I also have written a completed novel and am currently working on a second. :)
Thanks for reading, commenting and reviewing any of my pieces. I really do appreciate it!
Much love and happy writing - g

The Mountain and The Moon

April 20, 2016


There is a mountain that lives near my home
And it knows how to roam
East to West
North to south
Following the moon in the sky
All seasons it will stay close by
It doesn't know how to hide
Braves the snow
Braves the sun
and the rain
and the wind
It’ll withstand the pain
just so it can kiss the moon goodnight
As the mountain slowly crumbles to pieces


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  • April 20, 2016 - 9:28pm (Now Viewing)

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  • ARS7

    Neat poem! Good job with the rhymes.
    God bless!

    5 months ago