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Froot Loop

By: aharry01

PROMPT: All Talk

You know what's weird?
The fact that you're reading on the floor of your boyfriend's bedroom instead of sitting with him?
No. Well yeah, but no. What I was gonna say was like, in books right? 
Books, yeah.
Like, why does the character always die in the end or the beginning? Just think about it. A major character never dies right smack in the middle of the book. It's absurd, really. 
What about....what about the one where someone like kills themselves right smack in the middle.
I mean, there's a lot where the kid kills themselves right smack in the middle.
Well there you go-- So you gotta kill yourself to get a decent middle spot. Uh hu--HEY! Don't throw Froot Loops at me!
You're a Froot Loop!
Tell me something I don't know...
That wasn't an invitation to sing....
Everything's an invitation to sing!
That's nice, pumpkin....
You know what else is weird?
Do I really want to?
Like, why do couples call each other food names? Like how you just called me honey?
And you called me a Froot Loop?
Yeah! Like, what if like, and hear me out here, couples called each other by their favorite foods.
Mmm, because nothing screams sexy like saying "Hey you....potato."
"Come here you little french toast"
Wanna make out, popcorn?
You bet, kale chip.
Mmmm........I love you, muffin.
You too, tomato soup. 

Peer Review

I would describe the girl as cheerful, bubbly, and energetic. The boyfriend is sensible sarcastic and is a perfect contrast to his girlfriend. He finds his girlfriend's quirks irritating and adorable.

I left the story with a smile and a giggle.

Reviewer Comments

This is a fantastic little story that made me feel all happy and fluffy! Keep writing!