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The Racer and The King #animind

September 2, 2019


The Racer

The sun is high. I sniff the damp earth. I could scent the little creatures scurrying about. The faint dewy musk of rain lingers in the clutches of the soil. I catch a blur of movement from the corner of my eye, quick and frantic. I would hunt after the mice, but I have no care for them now. The real prize hung beautifully from the gnarled and Eau de Nil leaved branch lengths above me. The fruit gleamed dully as the brilliant star of the day smiled upon its face. 

The withering heat dries my tongue as I pant for a reprieve. A bite of that luscious viridescent orb would surely satisfy my thirst. It is decided then, I would have it. I back up slowly, crouched. The sun runs along my spine as I begin to run, caressing the great planes of rufescent fur across my back. The dry wind ruffled said fur as I leap, my fangs sinking into the succulent yellow flesh of the wolf-fruit. 

I land on all fours and drop my trophy on the dark dirt, licking my jowls. Barking roughly, I warned the others of my kind away. It is mine and would belong to no other. I circle thrice and lay down, basking in the light of the golden star. I snap the fruit up and crunch down upon it. Slightly sweet liquid slides down my parched throat as I manducate on the pulp. Delectable.

Once I finish, I stand; a lazy yawn follows a languid stretch. Time for a run. Facing away from the star I chase after my constant companion, the dark wolf. He races me, his shape passing across low, amber grass and drying soil. He ripples across the wetlands as I splash and bark through the muddy waters. The world blurs as it becomes just him and me. Two parts of a whole. 

The star sinks as a curtain of damask and papaya that soon becomes sable silk studded with the brethren of the day star. My companion had long since disappeared. I bark at the above and settle on the spot where I have stopped. I will run again tomorrow morn. I would race the wind.

The King

I am a hunter. I am within my element. Winter is here. My paws pad softly on the silvery snow. Slinking stealthily around snow-capped, evergreen giants of the earth, I stalk the territory. I am king; this is my court. I must be careful, man has intruded upon my kingdom. They do not fear me, for they have sharp teeth of their own. Become trapped in the gleaming jaws of cold spells death. I have seen it.

It was moonless that night. The crows were silent. We were both hunting, him and I. His luminescent flaxen eyes did not see the trap until it was far too late. It clamped down on his paw, vermeil blood trickling into the snow. He snarled and thrashed wildly. I stayed in the shadows. I knew that I would die with him if I were to attempt to aid his escape. There was bound to be more contraptions then the unveiled. We walk alone for this reason. 

He was gone by the time the sun dangled in the sky. The gelid denticles were already reset. I knew I would never see him again. From then on, I treaded quietly, alertly. I learned where most snares were left and avoided them. 

No matter how carefully I walk, I know the timepiece above my head is ticking. One misstep, and my life is theirs. Even kings can fall.
1. Maned Wolf
Finished: (01/09/2019 4:19PM)

2. Lynx
Finished: (01/09/2019 5:49PM)


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  • New York_dreamer

    I loved a story that contained two animals! Great work here :) Good luck in the competition and thank you for submitting an entry! :)

    5 months ago