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I am a young writer in high school who writes for the fun of it. The things I love to read/write are fantasy, sci-fi, and cute, fluffy romance stuff.

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We are learning about the Salem Witch Trials right now, so I was inspired.

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May 2, 2016

PROMPT: All Talk

"Pen? Do you believe it?" 
"Of course not Sam. They're just talking bull."
"But what if it were true?"
"What? That's not possible there's no way you can be a-"
"But what if I was?!"
"I refuse to believe it Sam! There is no evidence pointing your way!"
"What evidence would there be?"
"Oh you know, like you don't wear pointed hats, or have a wart on your nose. You don't go around cursing people with magic spells or anything!"
"Really... those are just stereotypes about witches. Most of them- most of us are not like that." 
"Samantha Jones, so help me if you are lying to me..."
"I'm sorry Pen... but I'm not..."


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