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Agent of Time - Part I- The Cave of Sorrows

May 3, 2016

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Doctor Quirin tapped the bright neon blue screen a few times, and an even brighter light emitted from the capsule. It was only my second week as a time agent, and I had only recently received my standard equipment. Myself and three other recruits were the first batch of members to be selected for the second time agency, created to fix all of the severe cracks and rips through time The Doctor had created in the past and future. It was our mission to keep time from collapsing in on itself, and we would succeed. But there was no more time for thought left, as I was ordered to step into the capsule. The light that was  minor before, had erupted into a stream that I was tasked to go through. I strapped on my time vortex manipulator and dressed into my protective equipment. It was time to enter my training.

When I stepped into that capsule, what I received was very different then what I had expected. The light shined through my skin, burning it, but not penetrating it. The unexpected pain jolted me with agony, and I fell to the ground. Just as I was going to turn around and curse at my fellow agents, the world around me went black. I stumbled around to try and get a bearing of my surrounding, but I failed, and I tripped over, crushing my shoulder under the weight of a boulder. I screamed in pain, but I doubt anyone heard my cries but me, as they echoed across the darkness back into my  own ears. After waiting, my eyes adjusted to the darkness. A blast of wind blew into my chest, knocking me backwards in to the wall.

The sound continued  "whoosh" and then a blast of wind trailing behind. It was only a matter of time before that was all I could hear. I felt a great unease and discomfort, and I wanted to get out of here. I looked down on my wrist for my time vortex manipulator, but it was completely fried! In my anger, I punched the wall with my bare knuckles. All that did was cause even more pain, creating a raw wound across my hand. But I wasn't giving up all hope. I made my way through an array of complex mazes, but no matter what, I couldn't escape that sound. I kept on  running,it  and running and running. But my efforts were wasted when I hit a dead end. Nothing ahead was in sight. The unease I had before came back, and I felt myself shiver. There was a strange sensation, and the hairs on the back of my neck sprang up. I didn't want to turn around, as I had no idea what I would see. My legs went cold, like something was reaching to grab them. I turned around to see what was causing this displeasure. I saw something I wasn't expecting, a statue of an angel.

But the statue was all but angelic. It's face screamed at me, and a long dent went from it's right eye, down to it's neck. But the statue wasn't there before. I tried to remember all of my training, before I was accepted into the agency. It came to me, from such a long time ago. There was a nursery rhyme that would be told to children to keep them apprehensive of the dark.

"Moving behind your back, and never seen, The weeping angels are serene. But when you turn your back, you will pay for the knowledge you lack. Don't look in there eyes, or their image, but the biggest mistake is if you blink. The next thing you'll see is the sunrise."

"The Sunrise" meant death, not the time in the morning when the sun comes up. I stared at it's arm, knowing that looking in their eyes would be a mistake. My eyes strained, and I started to cry when I hadn't blinked for just over a minute.


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  • FantasyWriter

    OMG THIS IS....WOW I AM SO HAPPY I FOUND ANOTHER WHOVIAN OMG YASS THANK YOU AND THE STORY THOUGH GAHHH sorryfor some reason i get hyped when i find another person who is a fan of doctor who...also DONT BLINK THEIR FASTER THAN YOU THINK DONT RUN DONT LOOK AWAY AND DONT BLINK .....good luck

    about 3 years ago