Maysie Daysie

United States

Dragon for Hire

August 25, 2019

    I stare at the dragon on the doorstep. Smoke curls from its nostrils as its enormous red body fills my porch.
    “Good afternoon.” It’s voice booms. I try not to stumble backward.
    “S-sorry.” The dragon stammers, claws shaking. “I’m here for the job opening? I can kidnap princesses, fly, and have my own tower-”
    “I’m stopping you there.” I interrupt. The dragon looks distraught.
    “You’re at wrong house. It’s over there.” I point to the house across the street. “Just tell him I sent you, we’re friends. Good luck!” I shout as the dragon thanks me and walks away.  

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  • Wave

    I like how the "I" in the story thinks that this is perfectly normal :). this entire story leaves so much to think about.

    11 months ago

    Aww this is such a fun story. Great work :)

    11 months ago