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Imagine This

April 30, 2016

PROMPT: Imagine This

Imagine this: It's August 2010, I was 8 years old; my mum and dad came out of the church with smiles that went from cheek to cheek. My mum looked stunning in her white gown; her makeup only added to her beauty. My dad looked smart and handsome in his black suit. I trailed behind them in a grey/purple bridesmaid dress as they walked out of church. Family and friends staring at the couple taking photos for future albums and throwing confetti.

Weeks after their special day they leave me and go on their honeymoon to Rome. They don't write or talk to anyone whilst they are there, spending all the time they can together. 

Only years later did they tell me what happened the day they went to the Trevi Fountain. They were sight seeing and stood on the Spanish Steps; buildings standing proud look over these grand steps covered in tourists and daylight. Suddenly, a man came up to them and asked them for all their money. Instinctively, my mum doesn't and stands her ground, "*swearing*" on the other hand my dad was a chicken, "Here. Here's 20€." My mum stared at my dad (her husband) cowering in fear of this man who stood before them. Neither knew if he possessed knife or gun because they quickly paid him off and sent the man away.

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