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I found a video of a detuned piano playing fur elise and it gave me so many feelings

a dance

August 23, 2019


Even the glint in his eyes was barely visible. Or maybe it was gone. In this light, it was hard to tell. The room seemed to shudder with every rustle of fabric that cost too much, every exhale that took more air with it than what she’d breathed in seconds before. It took her much longer to reach the floor’s center, afraid of how quietly he glided across to meet her. He watched each ginger step, every movement of that dress, the colour of which neither could remember in the moment. 
Typically one to run hot, her blood ran cold as a hand found its home on her waist. Or maybe she was sweating off the heat. The high ceiling whispered, but the air was still. At this proximity she thought she saw a smile. He could only make out the angle of her jaw by a sliver of light twenty feet away. Somewhere, maybe inches from their locked knees, the piano began to choke out a familiarly somber tune. No one had touched the instrument in years.
A gloved hand to a shoulder. A shuddering breath from painted lips. They danced to a melancholy refrain, variations on the only section of Beethoven’s classic that the pianist seemed to know. Or maybe the rest had never existed. Time stretched, like the ballroom, like the sliver of light that offered everything but promised nothing. When the music stopped, all that could be heard was once again the rustle of fabric that cost too much.
Or maybe the piano had never really played at all.


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