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Wanderlust Dreamer

United States

Youngest of six I grew up mostly traveling on the road since I was Twelve months old. Fell in love with writing stories of people every little girl would want to be, but as I grew older I write about those same people... wanting to be me.

Message to Readers

I would love to hear what you think! This is a Novel I've been working on for awhile and I would love any advice from both an author's point and a reader's point :) Thanks!

Temptation's Song

April 19, 2016


“To die to temptation is to live…
To give in is not to give up but to win.”
The spirit would whisper...
Its’ sugar covered lies could seep into every crack and crevice of me.
I was young, immature...
I didn't understand what it would do to me.
I didn't comprehend the consequences of my decision...
Now I stand still... in the prison of my heart.
Screaming for a rescue, for a Savior to deliver me from the spirit's grip...
To save me from myself, the demon within....

The smoke danced in the fire’s light around men and woman struggling to live as a whip cracked onto their scarred backs. A man wearing nothing but pure darkness emerged from a stone wall before them. His figure was -at first- transparent, but as his feet hit the boiling granite floor his form became solid. The stench of blood and death made the corners of his mouth curl with pleasure as he watched his slaves labor to their grave. He walked past, not even giving them a second thought. "The Man Of Darkness", Apollyon, was one to steal, kill, and destroy. He walked to a large clay bowl on a stone mount in the midst of Hell itself.
The bowl was filled with the blood of each slave given to this immortal man. He stirred the liquid with his long fingernail, and a black dye left the tips of his nails and entered the blood, dying it a darker red. As the liquid overlapped itself the ripples became waves and the waves overcame the boundaries set for themselves.  Blood poured from the sides but did not reach the ground. It froze. Frozen in mid-air as if time itself stopped.
Apollyon outstretched his hand above it and moved in a circle formation counterclockwise. Words peeked out of his cracked lips and fell upon the red pool of blood. The liquid rose up like a tower over the pool when his curses fell upon its surface. His voice rang louder as he shouted out curses and chants.
His demons left the slaves and circled around Apollyon. They gripped onto each other's hands as the slaves followed their masters and encircle the demons. The demon’s bodies were made out of ash and eyes engulfed in fire. A melody rolled off the slaves and demons’ lips as they sung out a song. A song of deceit, lust, and temptation... a song created by the hardest of hearts and a song that will be sung by the darkest of them. The pool emptied of its blood was found to have a layer of water underneath. Apollyon circled his hand above it once more and the water turned into ice and unveiled true temptation.
He let his ghostly laugh echo through the canyons of his Hell as the melody of demons and slaves rang louder.
    "Let it be screamed... let it be sung at the highest peak that Alemor will fail and that his chosen daughter will die to temptation! May all hear and know of the absolute sin born this night. Born the night of temptation's daughter; the daughter of sin, lust, and greed... the true deceiver, the pure tempter," Apollyon screamed out.
The towers of blood shattered and drowned the vicious man in it. Covering him over like a blanket of scarlet sin. It sunk him to the hot stone floor where it laid down flat, revealing his disappearance.
His demons and slaves then started to cheer and scream.
Apollyon reappeared in a deeper, sinister prison of Hell, where he unlocked a rusted cell door. A wave of coolness hit him. He smiled as he walked into it.
    "Come out my daughter of sin, you must inhabit one worthy of your presence."
A woman covered by the darkness emerged, her black, lengthy hair drowning her bare shoulders. She stopped at the edge of the darkness, only revealing from her shoulders up to her wrinkled face and piercing red eyes. Apollyon took off his cloak, walked forward until inches away and wrapped it around her. He took his hands and cupped them around her wrinkled face.
He looked into her eyes and saw the black rings under them and the drained life within them. He brought her head down a little so he could kiss her forehead. As he split lips caressed her wrinkled skin a glowing sensation grew in her and life was breathed into her soul. Her wrinkles ironed out and the black rings under her eyes faded. Her long matted hair smoothed, and her eyes were once again filled with life.
Her beauty could not be masked and sin not disguised. He took her hand and brought her out into the light. Her body was covered in a glorious robe of black. It swished around her legs as she twirled. He brought her into his arms and she could feel the warmth of his chest, and the sin that covered him.
     "Go, do your work," he whispered. She giggled as a little girl about to receive a gift, for she had. The gift of slavery she was given. To go about her corrupt ways, to steal the heart and soul of the innocent but chosen daughter of Alemor.

Chapter One

"Oh, Papa! When can I marry?" Erika, a young, outgoing girl looked up to her father with her beautiful blue eyes and warm smile.
   "Not before me!" Her sister Kelly proclaimed with her golden hair bouncing about as she pushed her sister out of the bed they shared in their royal chambers.
    "I'm the oldest!" Erika crossed her arms as she got up from the stone floor. She slipped back in under the warm silky sheets, escaping from the frigid air roaming the castle's dome.
    "Soon, you'll both find someone that means to you as much as Papa does to me." Mother’s soft voice echoed through the room.
    "Ugh! I'm never getting married." Declared their younger brother speaking in arrogance at his sisters’ mention of marriage.
    "I don't know Charlie, you might just change your mind." Their papa chuckled and tightened his grip on his wife's waist.
    "Well, how long is soon?" Erika asked in a frustrated tone.
    "Not long enough, my sweet Beauty!" Their father bent down to kiss both of the girls’ foreheads.
    "ZoeAnn," Their father brought his wife closer to him, "I'll take Charlie to his room."
    "Goodnight Charles!" His sisters teased.
    "Alright Ronin, I'll join you shortly." ZoeAnn bent over to kiss the two girls as Ronin took Charlie to his bedroom chambers.
    "You sweet princesses have good dreams," ZoeAnn let her fingers linger on a strand of Erika's hair, “and I'll see you both in the morning." She shielded her hand around a candle burning on a stand by the bed and blew it out. Following the stream of light coming in by the door, she made her way out of the girls’ chambers.
    "Goodnight mama," Erika and Kelly both called out.
    "Goodnight," ZoeAnn closed the door tightly behind her, and the light from the hallway was shut out.
Only the blazing fire in the fireplace was left to touch the limbs of the darkness, as the chilly night carried on.
Erika turned on her side to face the flames, as she slowly drifted into a dreamless sleep.
Erika was awoken by a faint whisper in the night. She sat up in the complete darkness that encircled her, triggering both fear and bravery. The fire had died down and only left dim embers in its place.
The whisper reached her ears once again. She slid outside the cover’s warmth and into the frosty night air.
    "He-hello?" Erika stuttered, not fully gathering her bravery. Then out from the shadows came a light! Red beaming eyes locked onto her faint image in the blackness of the night. She froze, not even letting her chest lift for air as she felt the eyes pierce her heart.
    "Oh, do not be afraid, I am here to help you." A hoarse voice interrupted the silence, with his figure totally engulfed in darkness. Only his eyes made him visible as he crept forward.
    "Help me? I do not need help." Erika silently maneuvered her way around the bed, hoping to drown herself in the shadows of the walls.  
    "Just because you do not realize it, does not mean you don't." He was now a foot away and getting closer, "Come…" He reached out a ghostly pale hand from underneath his cloak of blackness.
She did not want to take it, and was not giving a second thought to her decision, but her hand was not aware of her choice. Erika's trembling limb reluctantly rose and reached out. His hand snatched hers and drew her into his chest.  The man's skin was sandpaper, coarse and scratchy, rough against the frail skin on the back of her neck. She heard no heartbeat, and there was no lift to his breathing! Erika gasped and tried pulling away, but suddenly she felt her body being enveloped in his dark cloak as it swaddled her, tying Erika to the man. Her voice rang out, piercing her own eardrums as she shrieked for her rescue. Erika’s eyelids closed feeling herself drowning in his cloak, unaware of what lay ahead.
    "Open, my Deceived One…" the voice spoke again but this time with more cockiness and discernment of what was to come.
She lifted her eyelids, finding herself deserted in the midst of a desert. A soft breeze kissing her face was her only comfort for life. The smell of burnt salt bitterly stung her nose as the heat rose from the sand. And the white cracked desert stretched until it reached the rising sun.
She brought her hand up to her eyes to block the brightness as they adjusted. Questions should have risen to the brim of her thoughts, but they drifted away as her eyes locked onto someone walking towards her. The figure looked as if it had emerged from the sun, barely visible in the morning light. Erika could not make out the person for the sun seemed to project through the body itself.
    "A ghost?" Erika whispered. She had never seen a ghost before. Was it a friendly ghost? Erika wondered, but she didn't plan to stay to find out. She whirled around to make her escape but the sand she disturbed with her quick movements floated through the air like a dust cloud. Erika buried her face in her arm and looked away, blocking the sand from reaching her eyes. The sun had now risen into the vast sky and the figure that she thought to be so far from her was finally upon her.
The female figure draped in silks and gold jewels, had an eerie glow to her body. She was most beautiful, with her abundant, dark, locks of hair falling to her waist. Her eyes, could not be defined with mortal words, as they saturated Erika.
    "Who are you?" Erika stammered.
    "Some call me a ghost, others Traitor... but you may call me Jezebel. That is my name." Jezebel got on her knees in front of Erika.
    Erika stared at the sand trying to compose her thoughts, "Why am I here? Who was that man-,"
    "All will be answered soon," Jezebel hushed, "see, I have sent for you... I wanted to ask you a favor."
    "What can I offer?" Erika questioned.
    "I have seen many countless days and nights, in Hell's prison cell. Rotting alone, behind bars. But I want to live a life once again. I was already given a chance to live once, and my dreadful master, will not give me another. He would rather I rot while regretting my decisions!" She spat, "I want freedom again."
    Erika's heart sank, "What does that have to do with me?"
    "More than you could think. See, my torturous master, Alemor, will not allow me to live again, with my own body and soul... So, I have come to ask, Deceived One, if you would- host me in your divine heart, only until I find a way to break the chains set on my soul by Alemor." Her eyes flashed red, "will you give me just a chance?" Jezebel's eyes pierced into Erika's soul.
    "What will I have to do?" Erika asked without delay, for she always thought Alemor to be the one who saved and gave... not took and killed. She was ashamed and felt that she must make up for her God's flaws.
    "If you would just say the words that I may be hosted in your heart, then I will do the rest." Jezebel bore a wicked smile, foretelling of her victory even before the war began.
    She took a moment to think about it, then whispered her confirmation, "Yes. I'll help you."
    Jezebel smiled in delight, "Thank you... my ‘Deceived One’." Jezebel motioned for her to close her eyes and Erika obeyed, then Jezebel stood up and her ghostly body collided with Erika's. Erika collapsed onto the hot sand when they made contact and she was knocked unconscious. Her glassy eyes fell open and appeared to be turning blood red as the sun glistened in the sky.
Apollyon, The Man of Darkness, appeared with scales of golden skin and his eyes of black. He walked towards Erika, his black robes draping over his scaly immortal figure like a shadow. He took her up into his arms and showed off his infected teeth with some sort of a smile peeking at the corners of his lips.
He disappeared into his own darkness and seconds later reappeared in Erika's bedroom. The drapes were still drawn, but some light from the morning sun peaked through. Apollyon gently set Erika under the covers next to her sister. Erika stirred but did not awaken, and as Apollyon looked down to Erika he showed a little pity in his expression.
    "Tsk-tsk, a shame she's so naive- so ignorant to the truth... and because of that I will destroy her life. I will not fail this time, for her soul will die in mine." Apollyon's face beamed with excitement now, "what can you do now Alemor? We have her! We have her and we will not let her go! We will make her life into a living hell, that she shall never escape. What will you do about that?" Apollyon waited as if waiting for a reply, "Ha! Nothing." He growled as he let his fingernail slide down Erika's tender cheek, then backed away into the shadows and disappeared into the twilight.
Erika tossed and turned as if the nightmare she was having was the only thing to be scared of, completely unaware that her life was going to be a living hell... because she will never be able to awaken from it.
Golden sand grains collided against the furry paws of the large animal, as they walked towards the ocean water.
The beast's ears perked as he heard Apollyon whisper his name. His mane swayed around his sorrow filled face. As her father, as her healer, as her savior, and God he wanted to help her. He wanted to run in and save her from Apollyon's grasp.
But free will hung in the balance of what was right, and what she chose. He could only help from afar now and that fact made his heartbreak at the loss of a daughter, a warrior, a chosen one- his chosen one. It killed him to think she was choosing wrong, but he knew that everyone had a choice and that she had chosen her’s. And because of free will he, could not make her choose him...
Alemor watched the ocean waves roll in, and took in the wisdom of his father. She would fall, to her choice of lust and temptation. For temptation is a song sung on the highest note. It is hard to ignore it. It is hard not to indulge in it. But he knew it was possible to resist it... and he so dearly prayed she wouldn’t relent to it.


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