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Maria | Chapter 1

By: Quille


My name is Maria. I feel like I should say something after that, like how amazing or ordinary I am, but, the truth is, I'm neither. I'm just Maria. I think that sums it up.

I live at 309 Grove St, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. In the basement. 

My hair is dark, my eyes are hazel, I'm fairly tall, and kinda thin. I'm pretty good looking, to be honest. And I get like straight A's in school. I'm in eleventh grade--which means I'll be graduating high school next year and then moving to college to study law (I want to be a lawyer). 

Ok, I'm done. That's all I have to say.

Message to Readers

Do you want to know more? Or is this kinda bland?
Idk, just trying out a new style.

Peer Review

The honest and the truthful self-description given by the character has greatly delighted and surprised me. This is a rare trait found in novel these days.

I am curious as to why you have mentioned that the character lives in a basement. Is that really her room? Or is something fishy going on here?

Reviewer Comments

Hey friend! It is lovely to interact with you after so many months. I know I have been a jerk and etc and etc. Please forgive me I love this piece of yours and I virtually beg you to continue.