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Kallie Moe

United States

Kallie is a Christian, home schooled teenager. She loves math and she loves to sing and play instruments. She has lived in Utah all her life.

Message to Readers

Hi! So this doesn't really rhyme, but I thought it would be poetic enough to be a poem :). I would like honest feedback.

You Were Here

April 12, 2015

PROMPT: Where Were You?


Where were you?

When the stars fell down,

And the rain came around,

And I felt so alone?


You were here,

Helping me through my trials,

Drying all my tears.


Where were you?

When the bees kept buzzing,

And I saw nothing,

But a future of pain and tears?


You were here

Casting away shadows

And calming all my fears.


Where were you?

When the ground shook

And the sun went dark

And I thought my heart would break?


You were here,

Showing me a light in a darkened life,

And peace in a broken world.


You were here,

Just waiting for me to see

That you were always there for me.

Even when I didn't want to believe,

You would never leave me behind.


Where were you?

Yes, you were here,

Beside me all along.

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