Katie R. Goates

United States

aspiring minimalist
future doctor

Message to Readers

Hi! So this doesn't really rhyme, but I thought it would be poetic enough to be a poem :). I would like honest feedback.

You Were Here

April 12, 2015

PROMPT: Where Were You?


Where were you?

When the stars fell down,

And the rain came around,

And I felt so alone?


You were here,

Helping me through my trials,

Drying all my tears.


Where were you?

When the bees kept buzzing,

And I saw nothing,

But a future of pain and tears?


You were here

Casting away shadows

And calming all my fears.


Where were you?

When the ground shook

And the sun went dark

And I thought my heart would break?


You were here,

Showing me a light in a darkened life,

And peace in a broken world.


You were here,

Just waiting for me to see

That you were always there for me.

Even when I didn't want to believe,

You would never leave me behind.


Where were you?

Yes, you were here,

Beside me all along.

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