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I really don’t know what this is, or if I even like it. It’s different from my usual writing, idk it’s 2 am

You’re Terribly Easy to Hate

August 21, 2019


With eyes that slice up everything they see and a scowl fit to rival that of the gods we’ve so often displeased, your face is made to be glared at. A sharp, pointy voice that flares up without a moment’s notice, skewering anyone bold enough to listen. I reach and I reach and I reach but that warm, pale, soft skin of yours, it was not ever meant to be touched. You wouldn’t, you simply couldn’t allow it. Still, I can’t help the trickling of an illicit smile unto my own face, mild and unfazed, every time I think your name. I want to paint your imperfections onto the sky for the world to see, so that I may keep what’s pure and good and you for myself. But that which I wish to keep, it is not you, not wholly. Your flair for malice is all too bright, and blinds those who don’t stop to see. You’re terribly easy to hate, you know. And yet, you’ve quietly, imagine, quietly, ensnared this small, quaint piece of me.


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  • flopalopacous

    PouringOutTheSun; thank you, that’s gone brightened up my day a considerable amount. To reiterate: Many Thanks ::,)))

    11 months ago
  • PouringOutTheSun

    Hello!!! I found you!!!! First off, the frustration off of this is palpable and I *love* it. It’s so prettily written and I haven’t seen the word ‘illicit’ in such a long time. The imperfections on the sky line is wonderful as well. It’s so beautiful and gorgeous and makes me want to cry.

    11 months ago