Dewayne Green

United States of America

Born in Cambridge, Massachusetts. I am a poet. A social activist. A student. A friend.

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I hope to open eyes with each poem I write. I want to give a part of me through every sentence, word, and syllable.


April 18, 2016

PROMPT: [Insert Age]

The hourglass isn't even half empty. 
I feel time is not even important.
It being the sand that passes through the bottom of the glass.
Every grain representing every second of my life. 
Feeling like it is flashing by before my eyes could even comprehend that it is gone. 

Why do I look ahead to what is next?
Am I going crazy?
Maybe it's just apart of life.

Every year on June 24th. 
The very moment I see a sugary cake with candles.
Seems to be the only time I hit the rewind button in my head. 
I go back to the good moments. 
And I glare at the bad.
Even though I need to examine the moments I don't want to even look back to. 

In the end. 
I am only 16.
I have a whole life ahead of me, 
Don't I? 


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