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By: Mgracel

PROMPT: [Insert Age]

People say 16 year olds are just stupid teenagers. They drive bad, stay up late, play their music to loud, and are always sneaking out to underage drinking parties or doing drugs.

And yes, there are teenagers like this. But no, I am not one of them.

You see, I've been in two car crashes, one in third grade and one in forth, so I don't take driving irresponsibly lightly.

I go to bed at the crazy time of 9:30 p.m. 

I play my music at a respectable volume.

I don't sneak out to parties and I defiantly don't do drugs. Brain damage just isn't my thing.

So what do I do you ask?

I stress and worry and cry and laugh and sometimes I do it all at once.

I wake up sleep deprived at six in the morning to go to a school that teaches me what I must learn and not what I want to learn.

I stress about my future because I have no idea who I want to be and I live in a world that wants to tell me who I should be.

I worry about my family, and they worry about me doing crazy teenage stuff, but not about me not being okay with the things they're doing.

I am treated like a child and expected to act like an adult.

I am expected to know what to do before I am told.

I cry because sometimes you just have to. It keeps you going.

But most of all, I enjoy life.

I write, I smile, I laugh.

I tackle my problems one at a time.

I find good things hidden in the bad.

I am not a stereotype.

We are not a stereotype.

My history teacher said that rising life expectancy created a youth culture that the world didn't know how to deal with.

They still don't know how to deal with it.

I hope they figure it out, because we have.


Peer Review

"I am treated like a child and expected to act like an adult" seems like something a teenager would say.

Everything, this is probably the most perfect thing that I've ever read.

Reviewer Comments

You are so special and I'm glad that you can tackle your problems. May you ever find favor and be in good health.