Northern lights

Sarah D


"He was a poet; and they are never exactly grown up." - J.M. Barrie

Message from Writer

Constructive criticism is greatly appreciated; I'm always open to improvement.
Thank you for taking the time to read my pieces and I hope you enjoy them.


April 19, 2016

PROMPT: Imagine This

Imagine this: an unfamiliar car in her driveway welcomes her home. She knows it must be the young drover that her parents have been inviting over. He is going out the door when she goes in, and after a near collision and two apologies, they start talking for a while. It's just one moment, but he is smiling. They both are. She goes back overseas, but this time he writes to her, and each letter she reads makes her smile. She finally comes home after nearly a year, and when she does, she sees that he has been waiting for her. For three months they share meals, and laughs, and dates, and moments, because he has been waiting to know her. Then one day he takes her on a picnic; into the wilderness that they both call home. Through the trees there is a table where they have dinner. Then he kneels, pulls out a rose, and asks if she'll marry him. She is smiling when she accepts. They both are.


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