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four relatively normal headlines and a look into what those op-eds read, and one horror where everything is going wrong. isn't being caught up on the news great :)

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August 21, 2019

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Ocean Folk Have Lost Their Land Legs

We all know families who have left the familiarity of land to seek a new life underwater. But this choice comes with a price: the ability to live on land. My sister-in-law moved into the Artea settlement, one of the many coral-covered towns of the Pacific, and while we all supported her decision, I regret it now. Living in the ocean in cold temperatures and high pressure has not shown to be detrimental to our health, but scientists have only researched people who have stayed in the ocean. What happens to those who come back to the land? Short answer: they can't. Long answer: the ocean is far too different from land, and human bodies change far too drastically, especially in this new age of body enhancements....

Asteroid Parties Are The Deadliest Craze Yet

As the parent to two teenage children, I spend most of my time worrying about them. Are they getting enough to eat? Is what they eat healthy? Do they get enough exercise? Have they been tempted by smoke drinks and hallu-pills? But my biggest concern yet is over the newest teen craze: asteroid parties. If you're out of the loop like I am, then here's a quick definition: asteroid parties are parties where teens go to the sites of recent asteroid craters and search for fragments while drunk, high, or both. The radioactive material on these asteroids, only made more potent by our toxic thermosphere, are what make it so thrilling for them. There are too many dangers to list out here, so I'll focus on the most important ones....

The Recreators Reveal What Humanity's Been Missing All These Years

Most people I know look down on Recreators. It's not surprising. Focusing on recreating and revitalizing the past while ignoring all the amazing technology we have at our disposal now? What a waste of time. But with all this technology, all the things made possible -- from changing our appearance with just a few body mods, to taking vacations in different galaxies -- we have lost sight of what makes us human. Looking back into our history, we can see that from the first signs of civilizations and empires, humans have been inspired to look for greatness. Now that we have greatness, what will we do? This is the question Recreators tackles, by living life as an ancient Phoenician artist, or a Medieval witch....

The Consequences Of Playing God

As I write this piece, I am aware of every movement in my body. From the beating of my heart, to the oxygen moving into my lungs. I am in agony. So many people have dreamed of creating the ultimate human, perfect in their splendor. We learned from Frankenstein and, more recently, Theomal Hjun, that creating this perfect human from scratch is impossible; playing God will never end well. So instead of creating life, we've recently turned to turning ourselves into the perfect human. Body mods were just the beginning. But we should go no further than that. I am one of the few who was part of the testing for this new experiment. I am the only survivor, and I will make sure that will change....

Is The New Universal School Curriculum Too Harsh?

It's not hard to see the benefits of the universal curriculum; a global standard for education, a deeper cultural understanding across countries, a greater spread of knowledge, etc. But too much of anything is harmful. This is unfortunately true for knowledge. As a student being taught this new curriculum, I am excited to learn more than ever before, but I also can't keep my eyes open long enough to read a paragraph of our new textbooks. My head pounds constantly and I can't hold onto information long enough to understand this. My classmates are the same; any excitement we once had for this has disappeared under the pain and exhaustion....



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