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the crime

August 20, 2019

this roller rink is a sacred place. in its neon lights, she is quiet and wide eyed and scared. she is an atheist praying for forgiveness to the fluorescent doodles on the dirty carpet. her crime is only attending the church of cheap pizza and bruised knees to see a blonde girl from math class. her crime is practicing for two weeks on her driveway and still crashing into the girl she was trying so desperately to impress. her crime is feeling butterflies as their noses brushed. her sacrilege in this holy roller rink is unforgivable.


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  • its.joyanna

    don't want to be that clique person who automatically likes the person who won, but you deserved that win, congradulations!

    about 2 years ago
  • Cxtrus


    about 2 years ago