Tushar Mandhan


City of star,
Are you shining just for me?

I'm letting life hit me until it gets hurt. Then, I'll hit it back. It's a class rope-a-dope.

Message to Readers

It's hard to be in love!

Useless regret- we'll have

November 9, 2019


Wanted to make memories with you,
But I never knew,
One day, you’ll yourself become a memory.
It’s what that has damaged me!
Wish we had some more time,
You made my life sublime.
I had you when I was nobody.
Now, I’ve everything but not you to see.
 You gave me a new perception to see
But also took a part of me.
Now, there’s no use of crying hard,
‘Cause I know that you’re gone very far!


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  • November 9, 2019 - 9:29am (Now Viewing)

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