Peer Review by Kayla Vanderpool (United States)

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When I Was Younger

By: pencils.and.paper.roses


When I was younger, I thought Love was simple, something that would just happen one day, fully formed and ready for me. 

When I was younger, I swore I’d never be one of those girls who cried into their sheets over a breakup. You know, like they show in movies right after the big fight. 

But I was wrong. Love is something that forms gradually, something that you put time and effort into before it’s really ready. 

And if I ever cry another tear in that bedroom upstairs, it will be for him. 

Peer Review

I really liked the simplicity of it. You wore your heart on your tear stained sleeve and it shows.

The only critique I would have to say (although this is merely my opinion) is that the last sentences could have been just a tad more dramatic/descriptive.

Reviewer Comments

Pretty good :)