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August 19, 2019

PROMPT: Child Narrator

The rows and rows of dirt mounds looked like a graveyard, except it a graveyard just waiting for the stones to be put in. I told Danny this, and he told me to shut up and leave him alone. I didn’t tell anybody else. 
It took two days to decide to leave, and two more to pack. One day to fix the truck, and another to play hide and seek with the saplings we planted months ago. They were really good hiders, and that’s what settled it for Papa. All these days jumbled together, like the bag of marbles I stole from Danny. The bag also hides. I hid it under my bed and told it to not make any noise, or it might be found. I know that people in the olden days used to use shadows and beads and things like that to count the days.

We have a case of Dasani water.

I learned fractions this year. At Day One, two thirds of the bottles were full. At Day Two, half of the bottles were full. 

Question: If the Branswich family has half a case of Dasani bottles that are full, then how many bottles are empty? Write your answer in fraction or decimal form, please.

Answer: One Half, or ½, or 0.5.

I don’t know if you know this, but when you have one half, or ½, or 0.5 of a Dasani case that is empty, there’s a lot of crushing to do. I mean, the empty bottles roll everywhere. I mean, they miss the trash can a lot. I mean, the plastic pops when you hop on top of the bottle. Sometimes I can get the cap to shoot off like a rocket, but Papa flicked me in the ear for horsing around, so I stopped. Even if you don’t hop on the bottles, you can’t not squash them. They like to hide in a more obvious way, but you still you don’t expect them to appear under your shoe when you step into the bathroom, or around the island in the kitchen, or off of the couch. Mama’s too tired to squawk at us to pick them up, and Papa doesn’t care until he rolls over one and slips and yells. Danny doesn’t care at all, and I like to play hide and seek with the bottles, so they just sit around.

It feels good, too, to crush something smaller than yourself. It feels good to be in control of something. 
There was, actually, one, or 1/1, or 1.0 sapling that made it out. I found it yesterday, the day we left. The pale stem was where I planted a fistful of apple seeds I-can’t-remember-how-long-ago. I never told anyone: that I planted the seeds, or where. I hid it where nobody would find it, on the side of the house, underneath the hose. Now I think maybe that wasn’t a good idea because the apple tree didn’t have any space to grow. It would have to grow bendy, sideways-wrapped around the hose, and then switch directions to point to the sky. And then, it would have to turn again, away from the house on its right side.

Maybe it’s better that it won’t have to do any of those things. It sounds painful. 

I crouched down to the hose and swished the last mouthful of water around in my Dasani bottle. I think it was an Eighth of the bottle left, or ⅛, or 0.125. One eighth out of one bottle out of one half of the bottles left = one eighth out of one bottle out of 12 bottles = one ninety-sixth, or 1/96, or 0.01041666666. 

I used my calculator for that one. Danny calls it cheating to use a calculator. I didn’t tell him that I used it.

My little apple tree sapling got one ninety-sixth of all of the water we had left. I didn’t tell anyone that. I said Good Luck to the little apple tree, and pressed my lips to a single leaf, which I didn’t tell anyone. My lips curled around the leaf and plucked it from the stem, and I never told anyone this either, but it was an accident, and then there was a leaf in my mouth that I had to spit out. It fell next to the stem, and I think I might have killed the whole thing, but it was an accident, and I didn’t tell anybody, so I couldn’t have them check to know for sure.

I crushed the empty Dasani bottle—and this was on purpose—and I left it next to the maimed stem and hose for somebody else to find. And then Papa yelled to get in the truck, and so I did.


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