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Wanderlust Dreamer

United States

Youngest of six I grew up mostly traveling on the road since I was Twelve months old. Fell in love with writing stories of people every little girl would want to be, but as I grew older I write about those same people... wanting to be me.

Message to Readers

I wrote this with no knowledge of the ending, nor the background... but yet it wrote itself for me. I would love to know how you would like this short story to continue and what other advice you have I would love to hear. But know I won't write onto this, because I feel like the best ending to this story is the one you make up when you read it.

Traitors Amongst Us

April 18, 2016

TIME: 1952, September 6th. LOCATION: Russian Base in Moscow. 

The pain had stopped hurting. But the blood kept spilling... Being put in the chair should be an honor for her, in fact, she thought of it as a privilege to have survived this long at all with these "Commies". They must really want that information or she wouldn't be alive. She had worked off her whole life to achieve the attention these Commies were giving her, she had worked her way up on the food chain, just not on theirs. She had left their side along time ago, and now they deplore her for leaving them.

Sweat mixed with blood dripped down her face as her veins threatened to burst underneath her skin. If she could just keep breathing, they wouldn't win... but she knew this wasn't the worst they could do to her, she knew there was much more coming. She could only hear the pounding of her heart and the throbbing in her head.
     "She still won't comply to our wishes, Your Excellency." A General knelt down on the stairs ascending into the darkness, "Should we consider finishing her off?" He glanced back to the window overlooking a large laboratory, where the girl's limp figure was being strapped down to the electric chair. 
      The General heard a slight chuckle echo through the chamber, "Yes-s-s-s-s..." A man sitting in the darkness leaned forward enough for the General to see a hood shadowing over his Master's face. 
      "So, you do not care if we lose the information?" The General was shocked at his master's reply.
      "The information we seek is not in the girl mind, General... but in her blood. It has to be shed for us to fully comprehend the treasure we behold." His Master leaned back on his throne, crowned in darkness and exalted by death. 

The General got up and turned to leave when he paused to understand his Master's wishes.
     "Well go, General! Do your work," His Master shouted and the General raced out of the death filled room. 

The girl could hear the clapping the General's boots made as they hit each stone step leading into the laboratory. 
     "Start it up!" The General ordered as he made his way to the electric chair, "But slowly." He took his time to get there as he took off his black leather gloves, and ran his hands through his brown, combed hair. 

The General's black uniform, outline with red boldly stated where he stood on the map. His green eyes- though it can be perceived as swaying grass in the wind, turned out to be flying grass in a tornado.
     "You damned yourself, we're saving your hide by doing this." He ruthlessly smirked.
     "The only person damned is you and your Master," she spat with all the strength and breath she had in her. 
     "She was in the electric chair, and her last words were damning us for saving her. What a poetic quote," his sarcastic tone irritated her. She wanted to slap him with her words, but she didn't have any strength left. 
     "It's ready." A man shouted from the control nest. 
     "Have a slow and pain filled death," the General spat on her cheek then stomped away, "Give a slow electric shock then build up to the big one." He ordered one of the laboratory men.
     "Yes sir," The man pushed the lever little ways up and waited for the General's command to start her funeral.
     The General eyed the girl intently, "Now!" He shouted and the man pressed the button. 

The surge of energy and pain ran through her veins so fast she didn't have time to react! This was it. This is what her life amounted to. Though it was filled with death, pain, and hate... she wouldn't change a thing.

White blurbs interrupted her eyes' vision until they slowly clouded her eyesight. Then the regrets she thought she didn't have, washed over her like a stormy sea. Her lungs felt like bursting within her chest, her nose burned and she could not breathe air anymore... The memories she kept locked away in the back of her mind, flashed before eyes, as if taunting her every regret. 
     "Come on Casey, let's play down by the river!" She could hear his childish voice, she could see his shaggy black hair, and she could feel his tan, rough skin as if he was with her, here in her memory.
     "No Joel, I don't want to! Go play by yourself." It stung her heart to hear her harsh reply. 
     "But dad-," Joel whined. 
     "Dad's in town. Now go," 
     Joel had frowned at her reply but left it at that, "Okay... bye sis." 

She screamed! She could not remember. She mustn't...  
But Casey did remember his bloody shriek followed by a gunshot in the distance.
She did remember the Commies dragging his dead body up the road and onto their porch. She did remember how his sea blue eyes were glazed over and lifeless. She did remember how the blood stained the porch's white floorboards. She did remember! She did... so how could she forget?
He was only five... killed for accidentally stumbling onto the Commies experiment. It didn't matter to them if he was only a boy, it didn't even matter that it was an accident. They were all paranoid and that's what pulled the trigger. 
     "It is working, Master." The General stared at Casey squirming and screaming in the chair they had told her was her coffin. The General froze as he heard his Master approaching him. 
     The Master slid back his hood, exposing two sea blue eyes and black shaggy hair, "You finally came to out play, didn't you Casey? Tsk, tsk, tsk...  well, it's too late." He smirked viciously and voiced a vile laugh.

     Casey's eyes shot open and stared up at the large glass window above her, "Joel." She stopped breath then and sat lifeless in the chair.
     "Bye, Sis," Joel mumbled.


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