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The Two Strangers That Became My Parents

April 15, 2016

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It was a rush, yet never meant to be.
The two strangers who became my parents met in San Francisco, California, the summer of 1999. As if in a race, they went from strangers to engaged lovers. Dangerously skipping over all the cheesy rules of sweet romance which included first dates and those moments of suspenseful silence. They were seemingly stable behind their diguise of bound disaster. Only going fast for all the logical reasons instead of the emotional attraction. That could have been safe if they had only taken the race slower. Even then, love is not a race but emotional and timeless smashed with acceptance and beauty. They were wishing to escape their dim lives, leaving it behind them to be forgotten. The best option to achieve their dreams in 1999 was detrimental love. Therefore, like a blur it was done and now they were to struggle to achieve their happy ever after.


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