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Maria Sorrentino's thoughts

United States


April 15, 2016

    I wake up shivering more than I ever have before. I missed my home,I missed my family, I missed... everything. I was stuck on this horrid boat. Everyone talks about how this will be a huge part of our history, but not one of these people even thought about how things would be if something went wrong. I wan't to warn them, I wan't to warn them about how time will change and most won't even know their names. How do I know this? I am from the future and I find that when you talk about the future in class, it is always a matter of imagination. Just like these young women on this boat, I want to be a part of the future. 
    When you talk about the past in school, it's a matter of reciting information, not feelings. People say you can't change the past, unless you travel back in time. When you try and travel back in time it is almost always harder than letting the past catch up to you. 
    I miss my room. I hate this puffy outfit they call a dress but, most of my generation would call a rag. We see land finally. We step out of the boat and I tell myself to make no attachments make no change. For even the slightest change can make the biggest difference. But change is inevitable. We are finally in America! This place looks so beautiful before the construction and greed of money. I take a final step and trip. 
    I wake up in my bed room and can't believe this was a dream. I look at my wrist and see a bracelet. All of us were supposed to throw these in the ocean when we got to America to symbolize how we were leaving the past behind for behalf of the future. It wasn't a dream. It was the past. I see the treasure chest clock in my room and see that there is a small calender with the year 1614 written on the cover. Oh the past. Oh the future . Oh the suspense. Oh the joy. 


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