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Breaking The Ice

By: issymci

In Mawunyo’s new school, she had to stand up in each classroom and justify herself. Every “tell us a little about you” meant “you are not like us”. Every register came with repetition of her name, syllable by syllable- strip your identity back, Mawunyo, make yourself easy for us.
She fought for it: corrected pronunciation, spoke clear and slow, selected “add to dictionary” when computers told her that she was unknowable. But you can only fight for so long, and by the end of the day, she conceded that it would be easier if she just chose “ignore all”.

Peer Review

I’ve been the new girl at multiple schools, so it was relatable and drew me in (although my name is much easier to pronounce).

Yes! Throughout the read, I wondered where this character had come from previously and what her background was. That curiosity kept me tuned in.


You could definitely develop this into a longer piece! Very cool

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