Kara Webber

United States

Young teen writer in California. Hi.

Black Haired Girl and Quiet, Insane Boy

April 15, 2016

PROMPT: Imagine This

    Imagine this: A literal American Spy to be. He finds a beautiful woman while out at sea. He makes said decision and proclaims- Ma'am, I will marry you one day. Taken aback, her black hair sways- Sir, you are insane!
    Now, the rest of the details never came my way, I'll admit. But I do know I met a couple with the same names. Though they didn't seem young nor madly in love, they tried to be kind and they did what they could. The woman with the black hair now cut short, and the man with a belly slightly propped up upon his shorts. I can't help but imagine, can you? When I see them mental images come flowing back. Their graying hair like the metal ship. Their wrinkled skin like ocean waves. Then, of course, an echo of a girl- Sir, you are insane!


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