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Where is Somewhere?

August 19, 2019

PROMPT: Open Prompt

     The air’s cool against my wet skin, and all I can smell is the saltiness as the wind blows through my long hair. I wiggle my toes into the sand that surrounds my feet. The water that circles my legs is warm and shimmers from the reflecting sun, and high above me, the seagulls are quietly gliding through the air. Big waves come crashing in from miles away as the day’s last rays of light pour over me. All I can do is smile!


Suddenly I’m back in school. The whole hallway’s bustling with excitement for the first day back. People rush past me in every direction, and I keep almost tripping over shoes, backpacks, and lunchboxes on my way to home room. The building smells like new from just being cleaned by the custodians. I love that smell - the smell of being clean, new, and fresh! My classroom is all the way at the end of the hall, so I just keep on pushing my way through the crowds of students, teachers, and administrators around me. 
     ‘I can’t believe school’s already starting!’ I think to myself. ‘Just a week and a half ago I was eating seafood for almost every meal with my family, spending evenings walking on the beach, and waking up whenever I felt like it to the sun glimmering on the waves. Now I’ll be eating lunches in the school cafeteria by myself, staying up late studying every night, and having an alarm blare into my ear each morning at 6am. How is this possible? I don’t want to go to 7th grade!’ I sighed. ‘Like I even had a choice.’
     Don’t get me wrong, I do love school, I just wish summer hadn’t ended so fast ... I wish I could escape school - just for a little longer - and go somewhere ... somewhere far, far away ... somewhere exciting ...


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  • Dream impossibilities

    You used simple contexts to create something incredible, beautiful writing.

    about 1 year ago
  • Harlow

    So road trip? I vote road trip.

    about 1 year ago