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United States

War in the Pacific

April 15, 2016

It was the Oval Office where President Harry Truman made one of the biggest decisions in the war. He was sitting by his desk when Secretary of state James Byrnes walked in. James told Harry that there are two options to stop the war in the Pacific. Harry picked up his glasses and said “What are they?”
James then pulled out two folders from his briefcase. On the first folder it said Manhattan Project and. On the other folder said Invade. Harry picks up the folder that says Manhattan Project. The documents inside of it said to drop an atomic bomb named “little boy” on Hiroshima, Japan, then drop another atomic bomb named “fat man” on Nagasaki, Japan. After looking at the first folder, he then picked up the other one. The documents inside said to invade Japan and kill anything that is not American. When he put down the documents ,he told James that he needs a day or two to think on which plan to do .
After a couple of  days, Harry told James that he was done thinking and said “We need to destroy the Manhattan Project, then  terminate everyone associated with it. We need to Invade Japan as soon as possible. We need to train soldiers faster then we have ever done, we will attack by air, land and, sea. Most importantly no one  must know what we are doing until, they get on the land of Japan, not even the troops”
When a vast majority of the troops are trained Harry, starts a live news statement.  He tells the country that all of these troops getting on naval ships, is just a training exercise. They will all be back safe and sound, by the end of the month.
When the troops on the ships were getting close to Japan. They are finally informed that they are about to be apart in the biggest invasion ever seen. Most of the troops were irritated  because they were not told that  they would be fighting. One of the Generals tells them, “You can jump off the boat or fight it is your choice.”
When Harry was sitting down in the oval office he got a call from a captain, John MrcCea, he was sitting on the USS Iowa waiting to invade Hiroshima. John said to Harry over the phone, “ Mr. President we are about to make history .”
Harry then replied ,“May God be with you and all of the troops.”
As the invasion was happening the Japanese civilians were to be taken as prisoners and taken to Shintenchi. A shopping district in Hiroshima. The US troops were changing shifts when they were ambushed by kamikaze pilots, killing everyone in the shopping district. Once Harry heard about this he pulled the troops out of Japan.
Harry called in James into his office and asked him, “Did we destroy the Manhattan Project?”
James replied, “We were just about set them on fire, why?”
“We need to take it to the next step and drop them on Japan. We need to end this war for good.” said Harry
Later that day the United States sent out a warning to Japan saying “If you do not surrender you are going to feel pain like you have never felt before.”
Harry waited for a couple of days, but there was no reply. He then took the next step and  put an atomic bomb on the Enola Gay a B-29 superfortress. The war ended shortly after the bomb dropped and killed thousands. A few days after the bomb was dropped Japan lost the war and the United States was victorious.           


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