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Message to Readers

Creating depth in the small scope of 99 words was challenging for me, so feedback on how I handled that would be appreciated. Feel free to ask questions if you don't understand anything, but be warned, the beauty of flash fiction is that it leaves a good deal to the reader's imagination. I may not answer every question.

I Don't Conform

August 17, 2019

    My back is literally against the wall, and while I can't see the monsters, I can hear them coming.
    But I have never conformed.
I will die as I have lived: daringly different.  I begin to praise my God for His goodness in my life.
    A gray blur explodes into my chest.  Teeth and claws pierce me.  I scream --
    And awaken in my own bed!  I laugh with relief.  Why?  My greatest fear has been resolved.  When the time comes, I now know I will be able to face death with courage.
    After all, I don't conform.  


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