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The Fantasy League's September Prompt | #caput draconis

August 15, 2019


I feel there has been a confusion in the Fantasy League, I just wanted to let all users know that anyone can join the Fantasy League at any time, there is no deadline. I would hate for anyone to feel excluded, on that note many members requested for this to be an official group, but young writer groups are temporarily down. Any ways, if you have read my piece "Just a Few Announcements To My Fellow Writers," I am not going to be active for a few weeks, but I will be back quick to republish this prompt, like a hundred times, that is why I am posting it so early. Also, I got no submissions for last weeks prompt, but that is okay I think we'll bounce back, I had a few ideas. 

This month, we will have several prompts, due to the fact I only gave one difficult prompt, last month and we'll see how this plays out.

So this month, I will be giving you a fantasy genre and in each I assigned you 3 words in which you will have to figure out the meaning, unless you already know and create a fantasy story in that genre and incorporate those words, you have to use those words NO SYNONYMS, except for "guru."

Greek Fantasy (greek words)
- agape
- elpida
- meraki

Magical Realm 
- bewitching
- portentous
- abracadabra

Fairy Tale
- dreamy
- Utopian
- quaint

Superhero Comic-like
- regular
- Tom Holland (just joking, but you can.)
- guru (only for this word can you use synonyms)
- lifesaver

DUE DATE: The last day of September (to lazy to check when.)

WORD LIMIT: Keep it within 1000 words.


POETRY or PROSE: Either/or

Hope you enjoy the prompt!!


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  • ajamwal

    For the tag, which I forgot to write, I decided to go Harry Potter themed, like every month or so, the Gryffindor Common Room changed their password, so will I. So the tag will be #CAPUT DRACONIS (no capitals), which I believe was the first password, and in Latin it means "Dragon's Head." Remember to accompany your likes with a comment!!

    about 1 year ago