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August 13, 2019


my life is a joke and i've accepted the fact that it will exist only as a child's hourglass, lasting as the smallest possible increment in the lifespan of the universe, itself. sixty seconds, if not less. lesser, lesser, so minute and insignificant that i am the size of a singular atom of oxygen, but even then, oxygen has more of a use than i do as a human being. no one needs me to survive, and thus i live only for the fulfillment of my brain's meager pleasures that matter to no one but my insignificant self.
smile, you say? what use does a smile have for me other than the release of chemicals that give me some sense of fake happiness? a temporary release of the weight that i have forced upon my shoulders and mine alone, not for anyone else to and grab with their grimy, germ-covered paws? help, you say? i don't need help. i'll suffer on my own and wallow in my own swamp of self-pity and sadness, thank you very much. 
leave, i say. leave, and never return to show me your unwanted pity.

... however, if you do feel like coming back, i wouldn't be against yelling at you, again.


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