Peer Review by Victoria Martin (Canada)

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By: Aeolian

A quiet breath in unison
Stretching far over the land
Farther than the limits of the horizon
My brethren now stand

Where once the land was broken
Dying and hazy with stupidity
Before future could completely darken
We brought peace and serenity

Our silence speaks volumes, for it
Lets other choruses regain their place
Life is its own merit
Though we are slower in its pace

We have returned, returned to rule
Where our ancestors once stood
We have risen from where any fool
Would cut us down for wood

Even you may find peace here
'Neath the leafy canopy
Cast behind worry and fear
Live for a moment in true unity

Peer Review

Live for a moment in true unity.

Impressed,hopeful and distraught.

Reviewer Comments

I love your writing style. This piece is beautiful. Thanls for sharing this :)