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August 13, 2019

PROMPT: Micro Memoir

With sweaty hands, I picked up the suitcase. I dragged myself across the linoleum floors, my heart pulsating. Anxiety surfaced and my mind malfunctioned. Without my mother, the fear of being alone had ignited, creeping inside my heart. But my soul longed to explore the city beyond the airport’s walls.
I exited, expecting humid air. Instead, my cheeks met a subtle breeze holding an unknown calmness. Drifting down the freeway, a tug on my heart pulled my gaze towards the window. My mind anticipated a bleak skyline, only to be surprised. Before me, the Pacific Ocean acted as a mirror for the sky, with the Golden Gate Bridge stretched across its surface. Korean barbeque and Ghirardelli wafted through the window, exposing the city’s cultures.
The scents and visuals captivated me. The anxiety of traveling alone faded with the passing cars. My heart and soul had found their haven.


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